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Flood Pictures 1927 - 1963

flood-hi.jpg (84187 bytes)
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Flood of May, 1927
Photograph shows where High connects to Main near where city hall is today.

fld_27_2.jpg (46247 bytes)
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Main Street Flooded
This shot also taken in 1927

fld_27_3.jpg (73056 bytes)
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The Hazard Hotel 1927
Flooded section of downtown

fld_27_6.jpg (40879 bytes)
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The Flood of '27
Note the automobile roof barely visible under the flood waters.

fld_27_7.jpg (54865 bytes)
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Another Flood Photo for 1927
Looking across river from town. Iron bridge to train depot lays destroyed.

fld_27_8_sm.jpg (2853 bytes)
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Boats on Main
Only way to travel through town during the '27 disaster
Courtesy Peoples Bank and Trust Co.

fld_27_4.jpg (61683 bytes)
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Possibly taken after the 1927 flood...
or could be typical of Hazard's notoriously muddy streets. Seen are Goad Hardware, a store called Perry County Sensation and the Central Hotel.

"Way back in Perry County,
Where the mud is ten feet deep,
Where the hogs root up the 'tater patch,
and the chickens have web feet.
You will find no public highways,
but miles and miles of mud,
Through which mankind had floundered,
since the days of Noah's flood."

                    (1919 author unknown)

overbrdg_sm.jpg (3711 bytes)
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Bridge 1939
People watch the North Fork of the Kentucky River rise from the toll bridge to the depot

fld_37_2_small.jpg (2405 bytes)
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Flooded Restaurant
Near where Muncy's service station is today. This photo shows a flooded "colored only" restaurant in '39 and the old bridge up to Baker Hill.

fld_37_1.jpg (23222 bytes)
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People escape rising water by taking to the roof tops during the flood of 1939

fld_57_2.jpg (65399 bytes)
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North End of Main
During 1957 Flood. The post office can be seen on the right

fld_57_5.jpg (68278 bytes)
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House Under Water
Another scene of the '57 flood

fld_57_3.jpg (67983 bytes)
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Flood Damage 1957
A view up Main Street with Rita's & Johnnie's and other businesses 

fld_57_4.jpg (76769 bytes)
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Destroyed Businesses 1957
Major's Department Store. Identified in shot: Gene Blount.

fld_57.jpg (64757 bytes)
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Flood Aftermath 1957
Studebaker Dealership and Old Swinging Bridge to Rail Yard Can be Identified.

fld_57_6.jpg (98020 bytes)
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Clean Up
Following '57 deluge. Hibler Hotel, Fouts, Sherwin Williams.

wabaco_sm.jpg (3254 bytes)
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Workers monitor flood waters adjacent to the power company in Lothair. All of the homes seen here were destroyed by the flood waters.

fldpig57_sm.jpg (3679 bytes)
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Pig Tale 1957  
Taken inside the KY Power offices in Lothair. When the flood waters receded, this pig was found waiting patiently atop a filing cabinet for someone to rescue him.  The pig knew how to get to higher ground. Getting back down was a problem. 

overlook_sm.jpg (3944 bytes)
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Vantage Point
View from Ward Street overlooking East Main business and residential section around 1:30 PM on January 29, 1957.  All homes and businesses in this section were completely underwater

Ruin and Death Strike a Mining Town --
Reprint of article published on the front page of the The Birmingham News January 31, 1957

flood63b.jpg (71568 bytes)
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Flood of March 1963 North Fork of the KY River crested at 37 feet above flood stage.

flood63c.jpg (79232 bytes)
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Flood Downtown 1963
Newberry's, Shelton's Barber Shop, Grand Hotel, Scott's dime store

flood_small.jpg (4825 bytes)
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Submerged Coal Cars
Photo showing the North Fork of the Kentucky River flooded well beyond her banks crippling the regional rail system for a time during the 1963 flood.

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