Guest Book Archive
November 1, 1999 - January 23, 2000

Graduated from Hazard HI in 1952. Your Website takes me back and
I walk the streets of Hazard so many times in my mind and now I can
do it with pictures. Your Website is awesome to old homesick people
like this one. Putting my name on your Website has gotten so many
people in touch with me. I miss Don's and especially the Sweet
Shoppe. Love my Hometown and all of its memories, from skating down
Maple Street & East Main to buying ice cream from Preacher Vermillion
at Collins Grocery (where Cat Sizemore's restaurant is now, I think.
I visit daily so keep the good pictures coming
Da Lee Stacy Hansel 1/23/2000  Spartanburg, SC

What a wonderful site.. we really enjoyed touring the years. Great set-up! Our
families are from Acup Creek (Grandfather Boyd Williams) and
Leatherwood (Husbands Grandfather William Couch, Deputy Sheriff of
Perry Co. for many years, also Hazard Police Dept.) Would you have
any pictures of William Couch from the police dept?
Darlene (Williams) Couch 1/23/2000  Kenosha, Wisconsin

My ancestor is Marietta Combs from Vienna, Trumbull Co, Ohio B.
there in 1804. Her husband Was John Cochran b. 1802 also in Vienna,
Ohio. Looking for her father Ebenezer Combs and his ancestry. Can
anyone help here? Thanks
Elaine E. Ward 1/23/2000  Crisfield, MD.

I am very new to the computer world and when someone told me I could see 
the hazard I grew up in from this web site I was delighted. I visit it almost everyday.
Thanks.. It's a great site.
Barbara Gollihue (Moore) 1/23/2000  Grayson, KY

My mother, Mary Eversole Combs, who is 89 lived in the Combs Hotel
with her family as a young girl. She was living there when the hotel burned
down. She thoroughly enjoyed viewing this site and seeing old familiar places.
Gene 1/22/2000   LA

We have enjoyed our walk down memory lane. We are thankful for our mountain heritage
and are "warmed" by our visit to this site.
Ernestine Calitri Brashear and Pauline Calitri 1/22/2000 Berea, KY

I am so happy to find this wonderful web sight about Hazard, KY.
My mother Elizabeth Allen, is from Rowdy, and many of my relatives
still live there. My brother is Leon Harrison, a "Duke" of Hazard.
Thank You for this terrific look at times past.
Janet Harrison Carney 1/21/2000 Acworth, GA

Glad to see some old friend's. Great site, Good job!!!!
Mike Campbell 1/21/2000 London, KY

Related to Martha Watts-Gwin and Woodson Gwin who lived many years in
Lost Creek, KY
Sharon Kirkwood 1/21/2000 Mesquite, TX

Does anyone remember my mother or father PAULINE@THOMAS
STACY or ROSCOE @ RELLA BOWLING. I was raised in Walkertown.
When I went to school everyone called me Tommy Stacy. I love this site.
Virgie Stacy Asher 1/20/2000 Sharps Chaple, TN

My husband and I really enjoyed the sight.
Susan Ritchie 1/20/2000 Dwarf, Ky

Great site. My mother was born in Hazard and my
grandparents were too I think. My mother's name is Loretta Bowlin
born in 1/4/52. If anybody knows her can you contact me her mother
was Mary Bowlin and father was Howard Bowlin.. Thanks
Ryan Keith Bowlin 1/19/2000 Talbot Co. MD

Hello again! My original message has been deleted but I had a great
response. I asked for any information on my dad Hobert Combs & my
Papaw Joshua Combs. I have never been to Combs, KY but I hope to go
there someday to see the house my daddy grew up in. The wonderful
people that responded to me gave me another look at these two
incredible men and I hope to hear more. Thank you to those who
responded. WHAT A GREAT SITE !!
Danielle Lane - Combs 1/18/2000 WA

I was born at Mt. Mary Hospital in 1959 to Charles and Doshia
Perkins. Paternal Grandparents were Dewey & Alberta Perkins Of
Lothair, Ky. and Maternal Grandparents were John and Clara Sizemore
of Ashless St. In Hazard. I married Denver Jones of Lost Creek in
1982 and we divorced in 1995 and I then moved to Nicholasville, Ky.
I was very pleased to find this site and now have it on my favorites
list. Love to hear from some of the old gang from days gone by.
Best of wishes and much love to all.
Teresa Perkins 1/18/2000 Nicholasville, Ky

Hi Hazard , Dwarf and Ary Ky this is a wonderful Web Site I enjoy
it very much. Does anyone know my Mom and Dad Carl and Dema Jones ??
We were from Ary Ky Williams Branch. I enjoy coming back to Hazard to
visit usually twice a year.. Keep up the Good Work !!
Thelma (Jones) Emery 1/17/2000 Huron, Ohio

My parents were Hargis and Jean Begley. I have 6 brothers and sisters.
(Barbara, Carl, (Butch) Lindell, Sue, Dana, and David) I was born in Fourseam
and graduated Dilce Combs in 1965. I would love to hear from anyone
from Fourseam. Loved this website!!!! Bye.
Brenda (Begley) Dunsil 1/17/2000 Hazard KY 

Great pictures
Deon Pratt 1/17/2000 London, KY

My entire family is from Eastern KY, my grandfather was Dewy Perkins from
Lothair and my dad was Arnold Perkins. Loved the site and the memories!
Will be back!!
Linnie (Perkins) Williams 1/17/2000 Indiana

My parents were both born and raised in Hazard, KY. My Mother's
name is Doshia Sizemore (her mother, Clara Sizemore). My father's
name is Charles Perkins, (his father, Dewey Perkins, Lothair).
I really enjoyed the site and will visit again.
Rebecca Perkins 1/17/2000 St Petersburg, FL

Former police chief Of Hazard in the mid 40s to late 50s.
Joe Walker JR 1/17/2000 PROTRANS71@AOL.COM Jeffersonville IND

Would love to hear from anyone who attended the old Viper High School in
1947 thru 1950.
Nancy (Dixon) Harvey 1/17/2000 Cincinnati Ohio

I was born in Glomawr Kentucky in 1956, my mother is Helen
Combs Cornett, father is Charles Cornett. Went to Cornett Hill
School. Would love to hear from anyone that went to school there
around that time.
Debbie Cornett-Bush 1/16/2000 Houston, Texas

I was born in Glomawr 1n 1953, went to Glomawr School in 1960, would
like to hear from anyone from Glomawr.
Ken Cornett 1/16/2000 Houston, TX

My dad, uncle and grandpa have all passed away, I would love to here
anything about any of them!!! I was in Combs when I was almost 5
years old and remember several things about it (1969). Grandpa
(PaPaw) had a beautiful house with a big porch, Miss Oakly lived in
front of him (BIG garden), uncle Wathen above and aunt Jessie a
little down the road. I used to play up the hill at the cementery,
and read all the headstones, PaPaw used to take care of it. Would
love to see old pictures! Dad- Hobert C. Combs, uncle- Carl W. Combs
and Joshua E. Combs. Thanks
Carla Jo Combs - Hembach 1/16/2000

Well I'm only nine years old and I was born in ky and I like to see old 
pictures of ky. I love this site.
Edward Gayheart Jr 1/16/2000 Lost Creek

I am from Elkhorn City. My family lives in Hellier KY.
It is in Pike County. I go home once a year. I love those hills. I
would love to hear from anyone from this area. Email me at

Glenda Perry (Martin) 1/16/2000 Nichols, South Carolina

I was born at the Mount Mary Hospital in Hazard on 11/2/65. I grew up
off and on in Hazard. I loved looking back and enjoying the photos.
Thanks so much for the memories.
Oma Barger 1/15/2000 Indianapolis, IN

Keep up the good work
Jeanette DeHart Bowling 1/15/2000 Ripley,Ohio

What a grand surprise, to find such a site of the history of Hazard plus the
useful information about peoples' genealogy. Every one
keep up the great work!
Linda and Gary Combs 1/15/2000 Sparta, Kentucky

Looking to contact any "Sparkmans". Please contact me via email.
And can anyone give me the name of the newspaper that services Hazard,
and is the paper on-line?
Sue Sparkman - Remillard 1/15/2000 Morton, WA

Hello Hazard, I haven't visited in a long time, but I would
like to hear from anyone who has information about: Graham Combs,
Alberta Sizemore (my parents), or my grandparents Cora B. Combs and
Alex C. Combs, or Russel Sizemore and Naoma Combs. I believe that the
Sizemores lived on Upper Second Creek. I am not sure about the other
grandparents except I know they moved to Hazard when My father Graham
was in his teens (I think). Let me know if anyone has any more info,
or just to chat about Hazard.
Deborah Ann (Combs) Brown 1/14/2000 Kenedy, Texas

Greetings. I am a former resident of Hazard. I lived there from 1977 - 1986.
I moved to Asheville, NC with my family when I was 14. Since that time I
have always kept a fond memory of the town as well as the people in which
a part of me will always remain. I would like to say hello to Buelan Ray Davis
 "BOOGIE" Michael Davis, Tommy Miller, John and Doug Clutts. To anyone
who is interested in talking please Email anytime. PS "GO WILDCATS"
Dennis Lee Hayes 1/14/2000 Asheville, North Carolina

Dear Sirs: Thank you for a wonderful tribute to Hazard, Ky. I discovered your
web site as I was searching for information about my family. I am descendent of
the founding Bowling family and also of the Morris/Begley families of
Hazard. Anyone with information or questions about these families,
please feel free to contact me via e-mail. :)
Sandra Morris Allen 1/12/2000 Lexington, Ohio

Hello, if any of you out there know any good stories about my
parents or grandparents, please feel free to let me know them. My
parents are Leo Barker and Martha Feltner Barker. My grandparents
are Willard and Ruth Barker, and Clarence & Laura Feltner. I would
love to hear any comments about them or life stories.. Thanks..
Denise Little 1/12/2000 Commiskey, IN

Greetings from Masons Creek.
Danny Martin 1/11/2000

This is a great site. It's fun to look for names from the past. Thanks webmaster.
Elizabeth Sharon Scott Campbell 1/11/2000 Hebron,Ky

I love this site I myself love Glomawr Ky I know a few people on
here... thanks
Martha Barker 1/10/2000 mabarker@seidata Seymour, IN

Born and raised in Perry county. Daughter of Clay Grace and
Nancy Spurlock Grace. I left in the 60s but been back many times.
Would anyone know the whereabouts of Dora Harper from Glomawr?
Zelma (Grace) Presley 1/09/2000 Paris, TN

I found this web site to be one of a kind. Wayne Stewart class of '61
Wayne Stewart 1/09/2000 Richmond, IN

Great chat room!!!!!
John Peavley 1/08/2000

My Mamaw & Papaw Combs were from Hazard. The childhood memories
came racing back as I viewed some of the pictures. Papaw (William K.
Combs) and Mamaw (Nannie Francis [Risen] Combs) lived on Cedar
Street. My mom was born in Jack Lot Hollar - a place I only heard of
but never got to see. My fondest memory, from our many trips to
Hazard from Pennsylvania, is the excitement and anticipation of seeing
our favorite landmark - the "goose" - signaling we were just minutes
away. Also, I would like to meet the brother & sister who lived up
on the hill from Mamaw's house, and who tried to get me to eat mud
pies. Lord willing, Mom & I plan to take a trip to Hazard one day
this year - for old times sake!
Nana Varee Juarbe 1/08/2000  Alexandria, VA

Love this site!!! Would love to hear from old friends.
Donna K. (Hurt) Sanders 1/07/2000  Humboldt, TN

I love this site. I was born and raised in Walkertown. I miss all of
the friends I had there. So if any of you are out there and remember
me email me.. My father lived at the top of Moore's Hill...
Susan (Moore) Ashley 1/07/2000  Knott Co

Both my parents are from Perry County, and I still have many
relatives living there. These pictures really bring back memories of
going to spend weeks in the summer with my grandparents, Carson and
Liz Cornett. Love this website!
Jennifer Burt 1/07/2000  Lexington, KY

Hey! Everybody. I just recently moved to Ohio 4 months ago. And I miss my
hometown and family and friends. Anyone that knows me please email me.
I will return the mail.
Stacey L. (Miller) Campbell 1/06/100  Piqua, OH

Enjoyed the page. I was raised in Letcher Co. but remember Hazard
very well in the 50s. Keep it up.
Doug Blair 1/05/100  Nashville, TN

Good job guys. When I get home sick I come here. Been in FL since
90 and this is a good way to keep in touch with "HOME". Was on here
on New Years eve with David Lasslo who is also from Hazard. Aaron,
Lori, Kelsey and Andrew Evans saying later from FL.
Aaron Evans 1/05/100  Clearwater, FL

Dear Jerry Fugate or whom it may concern,  Jason Barger or J C,
passed away on Tuesday  Jan. 04 2000.
Douglas Barger 1/05/100  Indianapolis, IN

Born and raised in Hazard and Hyden And it will always be home for us. Thanks for
the pictures and comments.
Beecher Wilson & Myrtle Stidham 1/04/100  Fairborn, OH

Well done site! Keep up the good work. I graduated Dilce Combs in
1987 and have lived in Wilmington since 1992. It's great to have a source
for Hazard history and news - especially during the sometimes long stretches
I can't get back to visit.
Dean Ogelvie 1/04/100  Wilmington, North Carolina

Enjoy the website very much. It brings back a lot of memories.
I will try to send old photos of Lothair and Hazard later.
Eugene R. (Gene) Kelly 1/03/00  Tampa, FL

What a find! It really takes me back!
Elna Cornett Rosenberger (class of 1950) 1/03/00  Cahokia, IL

Wallace Cook 1/02/00  Franklin, Ohio

I first came to visit Hazard about a year ago with my girlfriend to see her
Grandma who is Grandma Frankie. I loved Hazard so much I have been
back about five times since then. I plan to always visit Hazard
because of the scenery and all of the nice people there. Hazard is
the way the world was meant to be, nice people,easy laid back living
where everybody knows each other. Hi to Pat, Granny and everyone else. 
Jason Thomas 1/01/00  Nashville, TN

What's up everyone, just thought I would tell that my wife Amy and I are
proud parents of a new baby boy. His name is Dylan and he is 5 days
old born on Dec. 27 11:41pm, later.
P.C. 1/01/00  Glowmar/Hazard, KY

I enjoyed your site very much I was born in Combs Ky. I have been
trying to research my family my father was Elhannon Francis and my
mother was Anna Lowry she as a member of the Daughters of America
in Combs in the early 50's. Thanks for any help.
Ruby Francis Mawby 12/31/99  Seminole FL.

I love this site. I lived in Big Creek until 1955 or 56, would
like to hear from any one who went the one room school taught by Mrs.
Cambell. I think it was Woodland School.
Jerry Perry 12/30/99  Lebanon, Ohio

I am enjoying this site so much. I have beautiful memories of Hazard and
love to visit when I can.
Loretta Statzer (Dawson) 12/30/99 Lexington, KY

I can't find the author of this site to ask the following
question, so I hope no one minds me posting it here. I am trying to
find some artwork for our forthcoming album, and I specifically want
a picture of flooding. Some of the pictures on this site would be
ideal if they could be scanned at a high resolution. So basically
I'm asking if you would consider allowing us to use one of them. We
are a small band called Fourth Quartet and we will only be pressing
1500 copies of the album. Hope you have/had a great new year Best
John Parsons 12/30/99  Camberley, England

My mother is originally from Hazard. Have two aunts still living
there. Anyone knowing Eunice Faye Salyers, she graduated from M.C.
Napier, not sure what year, think 57. Please e-mail me!
Cindy Bowman 12/29/99  Springfield, OH

I am thrilled to find this site. My sister and I were both born on Wooten
Avenue in Hazard to James Langley and Mary Mildred (Rupard) Horton.
I was born 9/06/36 and Peggy Sue was born 4/08/39. We moved to Florida
in April of 1944. I attended the elementary school in the 1st Grade and almost
all of the 2nd. We were in Hazard Monday and took pictures of our
home at 126 Wooten and of the old elementary school. The only people
I remember were Catherine Johnson, Susan McIntyre, Bunnie Murrell,
Frank Fallon, Ronnie Baker, Margie and Nell Buttrum - who lived up
the hill from us and the Tayloes. Are any of these still living and
do they remember us? I hope to hear from some of your readers. May
God bless Hazard and all its residents in the New Millennium.
Patricia Ann (Horton)Todd 12/29/99  Sheffield, Ohio
I loved this site! My mother was from Hazard. Her name was Roselee
Combs. Parents were Tilton and Callie Combs. Still have relatives
living in Vicco. My g.aunt Cassie Herald. I visit often!
Gwen Teasley 12/29/99  Clay City, Ky.

My Granny and her family (the Williston's) are from Hazard. It is nice
to see all of the pictures and read the stories about Hazard. If anyone
recognizes my name or the name Williston I would like to hear from you.
Deborah McLemore 12/28/99  Cincinnati, OH

Just wanted to say hello and keep up the good work on this site.
Dexter Gabbard 12/28/99  Newton, New Jersey

Really enjoy visiting my Hazard any time and any way! I graduated
from Hazard High in 1965. I graduated with Peggy Gabbard
Riggs, Donna Combs, Shawnee Dix, Patti Cody. After attending
Morehead State, I came to Florida to teach. (Mrs. Griffey taught me
well. I became a business teacher like her!) Anyone that graduated
in 1965 please e-mail me!
Donna Ruth Lawson Glenn 12/27/99 TeachFL98 Middleburg, Florida

Love this site. Graduated from Combs High School with Raleigh Richie,
Billy Joe Reeves, Maurine Jamison, Maxine Wooton, and many more. Keep
up the good work. I visit this site at least once a week.
Ted Fugate 12/27/99  Clinton, MD

Great sight for a homesick Kentucky Girl.
Mary E. Rice 12/27/99  Pa.

Left Hazard in 1972 so it's wonderful finding this on the net. Keep up
the good work.
Freda (Riley) Campbell 12/26/99  Lexington, KY

This is the best "local" history site of any I have visited on the
history of any "Small Town USA". Very well organized. I have been to
Hazard many times. This site gives insight to the history that I did
not know. The next time I visit Hazard, I will see it in a different
light, thanks to this site. I especially like the coal field pictures.
I worked in small coal mines for 15 years in the 70s and80s in
Knox County. Very good site!
Gary Fry 12/26/99  Barbourville, KY

Born and raised in Jenkins, daughter of L. M. Rose. Trying to track
family information. Do you know of any information from the courthouse
census records? Please reply.
Danola Rose Clayton 12/25/99  Oxnard CA

Great site I graduated in 1971 looking for class mates.
Eddie Moore 12/25/99  Paducah Kentucky

Born in Perry county, raised in Ohio. Lived with my parents in Knott county
again from 80s - 90s: Curt & Naomi Patrick. Any of you kin-folks read this,
you can email me.
Delores (Patrick) Benton 12/24/99  Middletown, Ohio

I was born in Hazard, moved away at 8 but spent every summer there
until I was 18. My grandfather is still there as well as a lot of other family.
I miss it and can't wait to visit again.
Marla Noplis Lipinski  12/23/99  Alaska

Great Site. Keep up the good work. I am from Middlesboro, I have
visited Hazard, a few times it's a nice town.
Verlin Shifgflett 12/21/99  Michigan

I lived in Hazard until 1965. My Dad was the commissioner of Little League
in Hazard. I have fond memories of hazard and Lothair. Thanks for this site.
Bill Craft 12/21/99  Apex, NC

Grandson of Henry and Zola Couch. Visited Hazard often as a
kid from Michigan. This site brought back fond memories of those
simpler times. Thanks!
Roger Throne 12/19/99  Augusta Georgia

Love the site. Just want to say Hi to everyone back home. And to the
class of '83 from Buckhorn never realize just how much you
miss home until you've been away for 10 years.
E. L. Turner 12/18/99  Lexington, N.C.

I left Hazard in 1948 but I returned frequently over the years. I brought
my mother, May Combs to Arizona in 1997 and she has returned
twice so far even though she is 92. Glad to learn about this web site.
Roscoe Combs 12/17/99  Rio Rico, AZ

I am from Doorway, Kentucky, a little post office, located near the
head of Squabble Creek. Buckhorn is located at the mouth of Squabble
Creek, just downriver from the Buckhorn Dam. I attended the Middle
Squabble School and my teachers were Doug and Vesta Gabbard. I then
moved away and joined the Marines, settled down and raised a family,
but I have never forgotten the Squabble Creek Community and I come
back to visit as often as possible.
Jackson Spurlock 12/17/99  Vandalia, Ohio

I lived in Hazard for 20 years and being in Japan it's real nice to
look back to the mountains and remember the home I love so much
Paul D Smith 12/15/99  Misawa A. B. Japan

I was born and raised in Breathitt County at Watts, Ky. I left Ky in
1962 looking for work in the automotive field that landed me in
Flint, Michigan where I worked for GM for 31 years. After all
the years up in the north country, I am looking forward to returning
to my home state. I have relatives that live in Perry County and
friends that I have met in the factories that are from Perry County.
Wonderful people from a wonderful place.
Elbert Herald Jr 12/15/99  Corunna, Michigan 

I lived in the Walkertown section of Hazard till I was 7 yrs old but I have come
back home at least 2 or 3 times a year since I will always think of
Hazard as my home. Never forget your roots, they are apart of who you
are. It was nice to see old pictures of Hazard, some of which I
remember. It is nice to see home again. In memory of my cousins Scott
Flinchum/Bradey (Chico) Flinchum
Charles A Walker 12/14/99 caw2965467@worldnet.att:net  Marysville, IN

It is wonderful to sit in front of your computer and be able to visit your hometown.
I would love to hear from friends and relatives from Kentucky.
Darlene (Godsey) Cole 12/14/99  Cherry Point, NC

Just moved back to Hazard about five years ago. For the last 40
years I have lived in Erlanger,Ky...Georgetown,Ky. and
Huntsville,Ala...Dad and Mom were Roscoe and Rella Bowling. More can
be found on my web page which is
Yancey Bowling 12/13/99  Combs, KY,

I ran across the new site and was surprised at the change. This is
the first time in 2 months to get online . I am a 1961 Graduate of
M. C. Napier High School. I have lived in Lawrenceburg, KY. for about
20 years, and only visit the mountains once a year. If anyone has any
information about the Grand Re-Union for M. C. Napier, please contact
me @ ......
Arnold Eversole 12/10/99  Lawrenceburg, KY

Hi my name is Karen Fields Mendenhall and I am looking for any one who knew
or went to school with my parents there names and Ronnie R. Fields
from Busy and Louise (Sue) Combs Fields from Little Willard they are in
there 50's and doing well here in Indiana . Lately they have been in
need of a flash from the past and would love to here from you. Please
email me us. Many thanks from a country girl at heart.
Karen Fields Mendenhall 12/10/99  Indianapolis , IN

Susie Combs Oliver 12/09/99  Waco, Texas
HHS 1980 Graduates!!!! There will be a planning meeting for our 20th reunion
on Sunday, December 26 at Reno's. All graduates are invited to attend
and help us plan the most awesome occasion! Questions?? You can
contact me via email. Hope to see lots of you there.

1988 - That is the year all my good friends graduated from M. C.
Napier high. I left the school the year prior. I never went on to make friends -
with as strong of a bond as I had in childhood. I have done well for myself
and contribute a lot of my successes to my family, friends, teachers
and the mountains. They all made me strong, even the boys that
taunted me as I would exit the school bus daily saying " Black
Betty". If I had of known what that comment really meant, I had never
heard the popular song, maybe I would not have been so angry. I still
would have been disgusted but not angry. I have a great deal of good
memories. To all those that by chance remember me thank you for the
great times. My family still lives in the area - the Clemons' of
Rowdy and now Fugates Fork close to Jackson. I return a few times a
year. Miss you all.
Betty Clemons 12/08/99 Taylorsville, Ga.

I'm glad to see history of old towns in Kentucky. I wish there
where more of other towns.
Cameron Alexander 12/12/99  Florence, Ky

I have been doing extensive research on Rev. Richard Smith of Perry Co.
At present I have approximately 7000 names. If it weren't for
websites like this, I would never have gotten this far. THANKS
Darrell W Smith 12/12/99 Miami, Fl

Great Site...
R. Bolin 12/11/99  Viper, Ky.

I went to highschool at MC Napier in the mid to late 50's. Nice to
see pictures of some of the students and pictures from that time frame.
Jim Osborne 12/11/99  Ary Ky

It was a very meaningful experience to read about and see pictures of the 1957
flood. I was born in 1953 at Mount Mary Hospital and lived in Hazard until August,
l957. Even though I was only 4 years old - I remember the flood.
Elizabeth Ann Grigsby Gabbard 12/10/99  London, KY

Hi to all of my 1982 class mates of M. C. Napier and old
friends. If you remember me please e-mail and let's talk. This is a
great page and I really enjoy going through it. It brings me back home.
Vicki Burke (Goldsmith) 12/10/99  Coldwater, Michigan

What's up everyone?  Got a new e-mail address. Let me know how its been going
lately, I haven't heard from anyone lately.
Pearl Campbell 12/09/99  Hazz!!!!

hey this is cool......... I went to school at mc napier I am
from knott county I've been in clay city for 18 yrs now . this is great i
loved this. Thanx.
Lorraine Fugate Begley 12/08/99  Clay City, KY

I typed in hazard and up pulled my biological fathers hometown How cool is
this place! I loved Hazard the first time I was there in 1979 and get back
every time I can but it's never more then once a year. So till I can come
home again.
David Michael Fears (Ross) 12/08/99  St. Peters, MO

Really enjoyed the photos and all the rest. Really good pages. Keep
up the good work. Thanks
Harlan Masters 12/08/99  Crothersville, Indiana

I really love this site, being a native of Ky. Lived for awhile at Tribbey and
Hazard. I worked on the road in Ky for 22 years with MSA, of Pgh Pa as a
field Rep. 36 yrs total. I go back three or four times per year. Keep up the
good work.
Woodrow Hurley Sr 12/07/99  Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Wow! A blast from the past. My name is Linda Johnson Howe.
I was born in Flackie, Ky and graduated from M.C. Napier in 1972. My
father worked as a coal miner in Leslie County. His name was George
Johnson and my mother's name was Edna Wilson Johnson. I have 10
brothers and sisters (Floyd, George Jr, Raymond, Charlie, Arbert,
Barlow, Nadine, Ruby, Lois, Gladys) (some who still live in Northern
Ky). My aunt Nellie Noyes and lots of cousins still live in Busy, Ky.
I moved from Busy, Ky after graduation to Falmouth, Ky. I joined the
Air Force and am now retired. I haven't been back to Hazard since my
family took a nostalgic trip about 8 - 9 years ago. If anyone is out
there who knows me or graduated in '72, send me an email at It's fun traveling down memory lane.
Linda Johnson Howe 12/03/99  Grand Rapids, MI

George E. Clark 12/06/99  Tulsa, Oklahoma
I really enjoyed this site as I have relatives living in Hazard. My aunt
Adaline Hale is currently residing in the Hazard Nursing Home and my
cousin Joan Enoch lives in the city. My wife and I visited Hazard in
October of 1998 and are looking forward to another visit to your fine city.

I really love your site. I'm from eastern Kentucky originally. My
parents now live in Morehead, and my grandfather lives in Somerset.
It's great to find a site that relates to eastern Kentucky. There is
no place like the hills. I miss not getting to see them as often as I
use to, but I get home every chance I can. Great website. I plan to
visit it again.
Jimmy 12/03/99  Columbus, MS

Enjoyed showing my parents pictures of their home town, the
pictures brought back good memories. My parents name is LeRoy and
Rose (Couch) Conway.

Just looking for some of my old buddies....
John Milam 12/02/99  Hazard, KY

I thoroughly enjoyed your site. My paternal grandfather, Robert E. L. Combs, Sr.,
was born in Perry County in 1890. His parents were Jesse Combs and Sytha
Eversole. It was wonderful seeing Hazard as he had. My uncle is living and I
have made copies of many of the photographs for him. My grandparents moved
from Kentucky about 1925, so I have never been there, but am looking forward
to a possible trip next year. I am reading Days of Darkness now, but would like to
find a copy of Night Comes to the Cumberlands and a History of Kentucky (authored by
Collins). Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and memories with
those of us who have a strong connection to Perry County.
Sharon Elizabeth Combs Sylvester 12/02/99  White Plains, MD

I think your site is one of the best. I enjoy your pictures and stories very much. it is
great to see how it used to look. keep up the good work.
Verlin Shifflett 12/02/99 Michigan

I left Hazard in 1986, I married a Georgia boy. I miss the hills- there's no place
like home. Growing up there made me strong and gave me a lot of
determination that has come in handy in my days. I have many good
memories and the pictures enhance them.
Betty Clemons Mason 12/01/99 Georgia

Its good to know that we can (click) and almost go back home. I enjoy this
very much, and its nice to know that I can still visit a place called Glomawr
while sitting comfortably in my chair.
Martina Perkins Donehoo 11/30/99  East Liverpool, OH

Great Website - Would like to hear from Gladys Godsey or her daughter
Hilda Stacey. Last known address was in Ary, KY.
Jimmie Boyas 11/29/99  Tampa, FL

When I was growing up in Knott County it was always a treat to hear my Dad
and my uncles talk about all their times they had in Hazard and now I
can put the pictures with their stories. Would like to see photo of my
old high school, Cordia though. Great site.
Tim Cornett 11/28/99  Hindman, Ky

Enjoyed the web site. Am a November 1969 Graduate of Hazard Vocational
School, (Heavy Equipment). Lived in Walkertown with the Finley Begley family.
Love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Drunk many of pop at Jim Crack's.
Richard L. Peace 11/27/99  Pineville, Kentucky

I had the opportunity to browse through the rich history of your town,
and enjoyed the images you have captured. That represents a lot of
time and hard work. Do you folks get confused with the Dukes of
Hazzard as we have? Or the song 'Hazard' by Richard Marx? From one
Hazardite to another, glad to have had the opportunity to pay an on-
line visit to your interesting community, and great job on your
website! Best wishes. Hazard Nebraska
Home Page.
Steve Capellen 11/27/99  Hazard, Nebraska

It's great to find a little piece of home so far away. I have been in Germany for
two years now. I lived in Masons Creek and went to high school at Dilce Combs
and graduated as the first class of Perry County Central. I never thought Hazard
would be on the net.
John Miller 11/27/99  Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Great site, my husband and I met in Hazard, we love going back to visit.
David and Sondra 11/20/99  Lexington, KY

Nice site, I was impressed by the amount of work that must have went into its
creation. It's nice to be able to find out so much about home now that I am away.
Chris Caudill 11/23/99  Norfolk, VA

I was in your area last year. An English friend, his wife and I were looking
at the old L & N stuff. He and I both model the L & N. We met some very nice
people and enjoyed our visit. I had run in to an article concerning an old passenger
car at Combs and ran into your site. It is real nice
Randy Stanfill 11/23/99  Columbia, TN

Great site! It's nice to view pics of Hazard's past. It brings home a little closer.
Dave Hoskins 11/23/99  Lexington, KY

When I get home sick for my home in the mountains I always view this web site
Kathy and Joe Gilliam 11/22/99  Chapel Hill, N. C.

My father (Ed Ross) grew up in Hazard, my grandparents (Arch & Rachel Ross)
were raised in Beattyville and I'm in St. Peters MO.  I'm searching for as much info
as I can find. Such as old photos, old newspaper clippings or anyone with a story
who may have known them. I was adopted at birth so I don't have a lot of the memories.
David Michael Ross (Fears) 11/21/99  St. Peters MO

For Smith looking for info on original Hazard settlers -- Scot-Irish settled most of
Appalachia. They were Scots pushed out of Scotland and made to settle in Ireland.
They were uncomfortable there and took opportunity to move to America. I think a
good book for info is 'Night Comes to the Cumberlands'.
Suzanne 11/21/99

Hazard Rocks!! I love living in a town that's known for a big
duck. And we're better than Whitesburg!
Steve Howard 21:45:41 11/24/99  Hazard, Ky

I grew up in Hazard & moved away in 1966. My family still lives there. My mom's name
is Diana Moore and my sisters' names were Brenda Carol, Linda, and Connie. If you
remember me and would like to email that would be fantastic. I would like to hear from
some of the people who graduated in 1966-67. Thanks
Barbara Moore (Gollihue) 11/20/99  Grayson, Ky

I am from KY but lived here since 1963. It's good to visit home again.
James S. Couch  11/20/99  Columbia City, Indiana

If anyone remembers me or my family please e-mail would love to hear from you.
Peggy Cuddy 11/19/99  Indianapolis IN

Hello my name is Eugene Farler I was born on the right hand fork of Mason
Creek & was raised in Vicco. I have been living in Gary IN for the
last 38 yrs. I retired from Republic Steel in Jan. 1999 with 31 years
service. My dad & mom were Ward & Eva Farler (Smith) I married Hazel
Combs from Georges Branch daughter of Jake & Nannie Combs. This sure
is a great site I visit it often.
Eugene Farler 11/18/99  Gary IN

This is a great service would like to hear all I can about Viper ky was
raised in slabtown holler parents were Howard and Ada
Hoskins. You can e mail or write address 13 Terry Ct Camden, Ohio
John Hoskins 11/18/99  Camden Ohio

Hazard If anyone knows who settled in Perry county first, please type in and
let me know. I am talking about German,  British, etc.
Smith 11/16/99

This Is a great way to store the history of our area. Great pictures of the past
come to bring the people together again.
Click Darla 11/15/99  PO Box 1207 Martin KY 41649

I have been trying to get someone to check on my sister out on
Couchtown Road, Her name is Carol Herald - she is 54 years old. Red
hair - I just want someone to check on her for me - she has some
memory problems and has been ill. Will nobody do that for me and
send back the information. Her husband was/is Granville. She has a
daughter, Bobbi Clemons, Tulip Clemons and a son Troy Clemons. If
you can find out anything, let me know. Use the address above.
Joyce Strange 11/14/99  Clinton, Indiana 

 was in Hazard in June 1999 and had a great time there, thanks to
"Mary P" and all of her friends! Mayor Gorman even made me an
Honorary Citizen  :)
Jeroen Alberda 11/14/99  Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands

Born at Vicco in 1943, I haven't been back in years but your photos
and stories bring back wonderful memories. Hope you and the staff
continue doing a great job.
Eddy Hensley 11/13/99  Bunnlevel, NC

Hello, I have really enjoyed this site. My family is from Hazard and many of my
relatives still live there. It makes me feel at home to come and read the lists
of names and see those of my ancestors listed among them...I've spent
a lot of time here recently.
Linda Boling Waters 11/13/99  Jacksonville, FL

I enjoyed your site. I spent a lot of time in hazard in 1974 with the UMWA
striking Duke Power. Any more that was out there?
Randy Hall 11/12/99  Birmingham, Alabama

Fourseam Book.  Does anyone have information on where I could get a book
on Fourseam.  I believe one is to be out by Dec. Thank you very much.
Penny Little Murphy 11/11/99  USA

Nice site!!!
Kristen 11/10/99  Boston, MA

Great site... keep up the good work...
Dee Ritchey 11/8/99  Vero Beach, FL

I love this page. I was hoping to find some of my old Classmates from
MC Napier 1985. Would love to talk to you.
Ronda Combs 11/7/99  Hazard, KY

Very nice site, and thanks for stopping by mine 73s kc7vok
Edward 11/7/99  Graham, WA

Hey there everyone. I graduated from Hazard High School in 1992.
I got married to Kenton Day in April before we graduated. We live in
Busy now. We just bought our first house last year. We have two
children, Tyler 6 and Taylor (girl) 5. If anyone here knows me than
write me an e-mail. I would love to talk to some of my old
classmates. Let me know how everyone is doing. Bye Bye!
Cindy Brown Day 11/7/99  Hazard, KY

Hi, I really enjoyed this site. My grand father and Grandmother, AKA
Ballard & Lyda Watkins lived in Hazard all their lives. I haven't been to
Hazard since their funerals, really miss the mountains. Hello Ernestine Perry!
Joseph Watkins 11/7/99  Washington, Ohio

Hey y'all I've live in Hazard for about 15 years I joined the
Air Force and am stationed in Okinowa Japan I would like to here from
any old Friends, classmates or people that knew my people. Y'all take
Steven Noyes 11/6/99  Okinowa, Japan

I really enjoyed visiting your Hazard thru the years. I'm from Wallins KY
7 miles from Harlan. Wished they had a web page like this.
Sue 11/6/99  Columbus Ohio

You have a great site and I will keep checking in.
Jean Barnitz 11/6/99  Tucson, AZ

I enjoy your message board. I too grew up in Perry co. The town of
Vicco I still love that part of the world. Keep up the good work.
Conda Almond 11/1/99  Indiana, IN

Hi, I was born and raised in Hazard, Ky. Graduated from Hazard High
in l947/48. My father was Hayden E. Turner and mother, Beulah Turner.
My brother, Hayden E. Turner, Jr. was in the navy, and my brother,
Jimmy played basketball for Hazard High, under Roy Eversole. I still
have a lot of friends in Hazard and would love to hear from you. Please
e-mail me.
Katherine Turner Lail 11/1/99  Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I have a good friend here in Frankfort and s he has told me a lot about Hazard,
her first name is Linda. If you want to get in touch with her e-mail me, and I will
let her know, for she has no computer.. it's time for old friends and kin to get
together again...thanks
G. Roller 11/1/99  Frankfort, KY


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