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April 01, 2000
- June 30, 2000

Hello Hazard great web site visit often. I'm looking for a Tony Fields who lived in Hazard in the early 70s went to R. G. Eversole School and went one year to Hazard High School then he moved to Somerset in 1973. I think anyone who might know him please email me at  David (Voom) Sizemore Catheys Valley, California - Friday, June 30, 2000

hello hazard great web site visit often. I'm looking for a Tony Fields who lived in hazard in the early 70s went to r. g. eversole school and went one year to hazard high school then he moved to summerset in 1973 I think any one who might know him please email me at
david (voom) sizemore <>
Catheys valley Califoornia - Friday, June 30, 2000

This is change of email address. Please send all mail to this email
Eugene Pelfrey <pelfrey@kuntrynet>
Howe, IN, USA - Friday, June 30, 2000

I grew up in Emmalena KY. My name is Eugene Pelfrey and went to Emmalena and Carrie schools. The web site was great. If anyone knows me please e-mail me. I would like to hear from you. Or if any of you know my parents or family. I now live in Howe IN and have a family.
Eugene Pelfrey <>
Howe, IN, USA - Friday, June 30, 2000

Hello all does any body know Bill and Emmy Holland from Darfork Holler they were my grandparents and if any of the people I grew up with or went to school with wants to email me please feel free to do so would love to hear from you all this is a wonderful site and keep up the good work Hazard what a wonderful thing to have when you need to look up old friends and yes keep in touch with ones past
KIenneth Holland <>
Hazard Ky, Perry - Thursday, June 29, 2000

I commend the creators of this website. My father always wanted to take us kids back to Hazard to see where he was born. He never got to do it. Seeing these photos of the old days allows me to share his memories, now that he is gone. I'm looking for any information on my family that I can find. My grandmother was Martha Holland. She was born in 1880 and married a man name Donovan and had a daughter, Laura. Later she married John Napier and had the following children: Lucy, Maudie, Bige, John, Eddie, and Saline (my dad). My father was born in 1913. His mom moved all the kids to Tahlequah sometime during WWI. I would really love to know my family's history. Please send me an e-mail to fill in the blanks. Thanks,
Bette Napier Pritchett <>
Austin, Texas, USA - Thursday, June 29, 2000

Anyone graduate from Napier in 1966?
hazard ky, - Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Great website. I enjoyed it a lot. I am looking for any information on the Deaton Family from Breathitt county. My Grandparent's were from there. There should still be relatives living there. Any information on Charles or Betty Deaton would be appreciated
Betty Carr <>
Toms River, NJ - Wednesday, June 28, 2000

I changed my e-mail address and lost touch with some old friends in the process. Would like to hear from them again. I was raised on Lotts Creek and graduated from MC Napier in 1957. Was not able to attend the reunion this year but would like to hear from those who did.
Raymond Jones <>
Great Falls, MT - Tuesday, June 27, 2000

I am writing for my mother Bertie Greer Strobel who was born in Hazard in September 1921. Her parents were H. E. Greer And Mary Lee Harned Greer. They lived at 342 Lyttle Blvd. The house is still there and her brother and sister-in-law live there. I am trying to locate anyone who lived on Lyttle Blvd and might remember me or my Mom's family especially a boy who lived down the street on the right below the church. I used to play with him when I went to visit my grandparents. Also my Mother would love to here from anyone who remembers her or would love to communicate with those of you that new her parents. She does not have a computer so send any info to me her son at the address given. Good job on the web site it is really neat and enjoyable to see the history.
Peter F. Strobel <>
Nashville TN - Monday, June 26, 2000

I would love to hear from anyone who went to Dennis C. Wooten Elementary school from 1972-1978. Thanks for a great look of Hazard.
Sheila Kay (Miller) Henderson <>
Hopkinsville, KY - Monday, June 26, 2000

Anyone from Hazard or Upper Second Creek remember me? Email me I would like to see if any still remember me or my family in Hazard.
Carolyn Combs <>
Hazard, KY - Monday, June 26, 2000

Hello Kentucky! I was born in Benham July 3 1965. My grandfather worked for Blue Diamond Coal Co. for 35 years. Marcelios Bradley, my mother, was raised in Little Leatherwood. My father (Billy Don Fields) was killed July 2 1965 right around Leatherwood one day before my 1st birthday. If anyone could tell me anything about him it would be so wonderful. Thank you. Mother's name was Georgia Bradley.
billy don fields <>
lafayette,ind, u.s. - Sunday, June 25, 2000

Ok... throughout my 16 years that I have lived in Hazard, I have seen many great musicians. I have been in a lot of places and seen many shows, concerts, and so forth. I think that musicians in the Hazard area have many talents and don't get any recognition. I know many of them. They have seen it all, yet, they should be the ones doing it not seeing it. Any way, a local band here in Hazard named "Loose Change" has that talent. They have one of the best guitarist in the area and he is only 17 (JWP). And have many other fantastic musicians besides him. These local bands need support to get out of Hazard and make it. Hazard is a great town, yet it is rare that I see bands get out of here on their own. Please support Loose Change, and help them out, they play and put on great shows. They have the talent and the drive to make it. They are all young and have the talent to move on. If anyone has any comments, e-mail one of my best friends who is in the band at He will be thrilled to hear comments. Thank you for reading.
Loose Change Fan
Hazard Ky - Sunday, June 25, 2000

Hello everyone! I am looking for any or all of the graduating class of 1983 from M. C. Napier. The only two I have found are Greg Barger and Karen Jones. Where are you guys??? It's like the class of '83 has vanished!! Anybody out there drop me a email sometime. In high school I was Lisa Baird. So come on class of '83, materialize!!!
Lisa Baird-Stamper <>
Hazard, KY - Sunday, June 25, 2000

I was born in Hazard in 1962 in the old Mt. Mary Hospital. My mom & dad are Julian & Ernestine Maggard. My mom was a nurse at Mt. Mary, dad worked for Womwell Auto Parts. I know we lived in a few different places around Hazard, Walkertown, Second Creek. We moved away from Hazard around 63 0r 64 to Lexington. We always returned to visit relatives & friends. Moved to Florida, Christmas of 1970. My brothers are Lon Maggard, Phillip Maggard, Micheal Maggard & Tim Maggard. Lon was on the Ky. State Police for 13 yrs. Stationed at the Hazard post. Would love to hear from anyone who new my parents or relatives. My brothers & I own 6 acres in Hyden where my daddy was born (his old homeplace) & go there quite often
Joey Maggard <>
Lehigh, Fla. - Sunday, June 25, 2000

Hello, I am looking for old classmates of mine that graduated from Leatherwood in 1973. There wasn't many of us.. If anyone knows where Bobbie Gilliam (Pratt), Linsey Williams, Harold Dean Halcomb ,Hettie Cornett, Joyce Williams (Watts), Margie Green (Easterling), Daniel Halcomb, Wilma Mize, Brenda Cornett, Lorene Hamilton, Carlos Brashears, Nola Holbrook, Jacqueline Lawson, Jerry Johnson, just to name a few are at now. Please email me and let me know. I would love to get in contact with them again. Is there a reunion for the graduates of that year? My email address is Thanks
Marie Carol Whitaker Jarvis <>
Benham Ky. - Saturday, June 24, 2000

Wonderful website! I am very new at looking for relatives. Grandfather's family are Father:John (Windy) Williams m. to Melda Noble Williams. Also any info out there on gamekeeper Lee (Doghead) Couch. Melda's father Bud Noble and Mother Nancy Williams. Also does anyone have a copy of the complete list of WWII dead from Perry County am trying to find info on great-uncle killed on road to Rome.. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!! Any one know a address for birth and death records Perry County??? Thanks again and such a surprise to find this site - a really nice one.
robin couch <>
Florida, usa - Saturday, June 24, 2000

Hello Walkertown. Went to Hazard Vocational School and finished in 1969. Took Heavy Equipment. Stayed with Finley Begley and family in Walkertown. Anyone out there remember me please e-mail. Had a lot of good times at Jim Crack's. My instructor at Voc school was Ance York. Done a lot of work at Typol. Please e-mail.
Richard L. Peace <>
Pineville, Kentucky - Saturday, June 24, 2000

Gilbert Thomas and Nancy Belle (Noble) Thomas were my grandparents. Sam Thomas, their son, was my father. He died in a auto accident in 1967 when I was just 5 so I never had the chance to know him. I am looking for any information at all on Gilbert Thomas and or Nancy Belle Noble. I never had the chance to get to know them either. They are both buried in a cemetery in Walkertown. If you or anyone you know has any information at all on them I would be so very grateful to hear from you. My mother is Geneva (Owens) Thomas. Her parents were Watson Owens and Polly Jane (Bush) Owens both of Pigeon Roost. I know a lot about them cause I knew them well. Thank you all so much. Please email me at
Danny Watson Thomas <>
Lexington, Kentucky - Saturday, June 24, 2000

Very Nice site. Hope everybody finds everybody.
David Chennault <>
Lynchburg, VA - Saturday, June 24, 2000

Hey Jason, your Mom said Hi!!
someone in hazard
- Friday, June 23, 2000

just wanted to say how much I like this web site> Keep up the good work
Jason B. Smith <>
Louisville KY - Friday, June 23, 2000

My name is Kimberly Kimber!!! Have fun
Kimberly <>
Tremonton, U.S.A - Friday, June 23, 2000

The wonderful things on this site never cease to amaze me. It is so nice to be able to see a little piece of home with just the click of a mouse. For those of us that are gone from Hazard, living in the "flat lands" in particular, it is very refreshing to be able to see the mountains again on the computer screen, whenever we get a bit homesick. I'll probably never live in Hazard again, but I do miss it sometimes. Best wishes to everyone. Washington DC, here I come!
Lori Luttrell Perry <>
Austin, TX, - Thursday, June 22, 2000

Hi I am from Hazard and miss it very much I went to school at Dilce Combs in the 60s. Would love to hear from anyone from back then.
Carolyn Kennedy Combs <>
London Ky - Thursday, June 22, 2000

Hello Hazard. I love to check in here often. Anyone from the class of 91 at MC Napier or others who remember me, drop me a line.
Rocksetta Fugate <>
Bowling Green, Ky, USA - Thursday, June 22, 2000

Loved the site it sure is down home. Things sure have changed a lot but it still home to me. I lived in Sassafras hollow, went to school at Carr Creek Hi. My mother is Gladys Gibson she still lives there. My father was Denver Gibson. There is this friend named Dorothy Gibson. I would love to hear from her. If anyone knows of her please email me at I was just a going through things about Hazard and found this site. Keep up the good work. job well done. Lord knows this makes a person think of home.
Loretta Givens <UKDEERMAN@AOL.COM>
Fairborn, OH - Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Hi Hazard. I graduated from MC Napier in 1989 and would like to hear from old friends. I work at Perry County Coal, live at Avawam. Email me.
Steve Spurgeon <>
Avawam, Ky, usa - Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Hi Hazard! Anyone here graduated in 1996 from PCCHS? I got married in March 1999 then moved to Virginia Beach for one year. Now live in Florida, my husband is in the Navy so we travel a lot, and I love it. I was home on the last week of May. I miss everyone. Anyone of my friends still around? Would love to hear from you at for now until I get my new address.
Crystal L. (Spurgeon) Pierce <>
Jacksonville, Fl - Tuesday, June 20, 2000

I was raised at Sassafras moved to Louisville 1962 my family moved to Scuddy that same year. I went to school at yellow creek my maiden name was Hazel Louise Huff sisters and brothers are Joyce, Flora, Vernon, Phillip and James. I would love to hear from any one that remembers me or my family. You can email me at this site is the best thanks
Hazel Louise Schneider <>
Leitchfield, KY- Tuesday, June 20, 2000

This is really a neat site. I asked for directions to the Johnson Reunion in Hindman and got them. Thank you so much.
Daniel Richie <>
Indianapolis, USA - Tuesday, June 20, 2000

LEXINGTON, KY. - Monday, June 19, 2000

Hey Hazard I went to high school at M.C. Napier and grade school at Big Creek. I left Hazard to work for a ship yard in Jeffersonville Indiana as you all know it's hard to find a job down there. Man I miss the mountains. If any of my old friends see this feel free to drop me a few lines. I would be glad to hear from you.
Jason B. Smith <>
Louisville Ky - Monday, June 19, 2000

Hi Hazard. I have lived in a lot of places but my dad always came back to Hazard. Earshel Hurt is his name. I lost him sometime ago. He always said Hazard was home. We always came back. I lived up Leatherwood for my childhood, married Wayne Spurgeon and moved to hazard, then Avawam which is just 15min from hazard. We have lived here for the last 14yr.There is no other place I would wont to live. When God made Hazard,he put a piece of heaven in so we could have her beauty.I was born in Hazard ,and if its Gods will dye here also. I have lived in a lot of places, but none like Hazard,this is home.
Lillian Hurt Spurgeon <>
Avawam, Ky - Monday, June 19, 2000

Hello Hazard - I was raised in Knott County and attended the old Hindman High School through 1968 and graduated from Jessamine County High School, Nicholasville, Ky in June l969. I joined the Navy immediately after graduation and completed a twenty six year career on 1 July 1995. Presently, I am working for a Defense Contracting Company supporting Naval Sea Systems Command, Arlington, Va. I live in Springfield, VA which is about 20 miles south of Washington, DC. My Grandparents are from the Hazard area and I visited Hazard almost every weekend when I lived in Knott County. My mother passed away in l982 and I visit the Feltner and Stamper gravesite in Knott County about once a year. Two of my best friend were Gary and Larry Turner. If anyone remembers me, please e-mail. I miss Southeastern Kentucky and would be there now if employment opportunities existed.
Frederick Clem <>
Springfield, Va, - Monday, June 19, 2000

Could someone tell me when the next kenmont reunion will be held and where. I would really enjoy seeing some of the people I went to jeff grade school with. I've been gone from the mountains for quite a few years but still enjoy coming back for visits even if it is 2000 miles away.
Jim Combs <>
Mesa, AZ - Sunday, June 18, 2000

Hello. I am looking for any email address from my friends in Hazard who graduated or went to school from 1982-1986 or earlier at m.c napier high. Get in touch at or Love to hear from all of you. sherrie
Sherrie Miller <>
Louisville, Ky, usa - Sunday, June 18, 2000

Hi, My mother is from Hazard, Velma Miller Combs. Born 3/24/1934. Would like to hear from anyone that knows her.....
Theresa Combs Lawwill <>
Xenia, Ohio, USA - Sunday, June 18, 2000

It's been said that you can never go back, but this website has proven memories are not dead.....and you CAN go back. A lot of school friends have gone on, but their memories still linger on. The high school on Baker Hill will always bring back memories of the 10 minute breaks going into the cafeteria. Do you remember? Would love to hear from friends/family, please send to my son's email address and he will forward your message on to me.
Cleta Faye (Mickey Sheppard) Odom <>
Wadesboro, NC - Sunday, June 18, 2000

I have seen memories from the past today. I'm Donna Sheppard originally from Lothair, later to live on Poplar Street in Hazard. Went to Hazard High School, graduating in 1963 and had worked at Fout's Drug on Main Street from 1959 to 1963. Don't have email address yet, but would like to hear from friends, please feel free to email the address above (my nephew) and he'll pass your message on to me. How about meeting at Fout's for a Cherry Coke? This one's on me!
Donna (Sheppard) Bowman <>
Wadesboro, NC - Sunday, June 18, 2000

I was born in Hazard in 1943. Roy G. Eversole was the school superentendant when I was in school. I have lived in Fl. for 30 yrs. but I still love Hazard.
Silas Mullins <>
Cocoa, Fl. - Sunday, June 18, 2000

My name is Martha Hall Quigley. I've been at the Bobby Davis Museum and Park since its beginning in 1983. Many people who grew up in Hazard and vicinity know of the Park. Since the beginning of the Museum thousands of people have visited, many of them were coming home for a visit. Artifacts, photographs, and documents have been donated that represent the history of Hazard and Perry County. Around August 15, 2000, a book will be released containing photographs from the Museum collection. It represents the time from 1900 through the early 1980s. I see from all of the entries on this web site many people want to see scenes from their past. This book from the Images of America series by Arcadia Publishing will bring alive many memories. Write Bobby Davis Museum, 234 Walnut St., Hazard KY 41701.
Martha Hall Quigley
Hazard KY, USA - Sunday, June 18, 2000

Went to school at Walkertown Elem. and Hazard High School back in the 60's. My family left in 65. It's scary seeing some of these names at this site...ghosts from the past..I would love to hear from some of those ghosts...still think of a lovely voice that I adored from a life time ago (Mary Sue Web) I'm sure the name has changed for such a lovely lady since those Roy Orbinson said (in dreams I walk with you).
Bob Walker <>
Stpete, Fl - Sunday, June 18, 2000

Hi all you researchers of Perry Co. I invite you to visit and ask some of your questions on my KYGENWEB site of Perry Co., KY. I have entensive census records before 1900 and will try to help you for free, if I can. Thanks, JPD
Louisville, KY, USA - Friday, June 16, 2000

In 1996 I began writing a series of articles on Perry County Men In WWII in 1998 I published 54 of those stories in the book Perry County Men in WWII Stories From The Heart and excerpt from the book is on the Hazard web site. I'm still interviewing WWII veterans. I think that in the words of Tom Brokaw these men were indeed the Greatest Generation and I would like to have the story of every Perry County veteran who served in WWII and am asking that you former veterans assist me in this effort. With the able assistance of Franklin Turner I am compiling a book on Fourseam Coal Camp that will be completed by this year's Fourseam Reunion. If you have informnation/picutres when you lived in Fourseam. Franklin and I would like to hear from you. Both the WWII stories and the Fourseam books are aimed at giving an accurate and true picture of life in Eastern Kentucky not the distorted and warped version that generally appears on network television and in movies depicting the area. Wasn't that coal truck chase scene in Fire Down Below ridiculous. If Hollywood and the networks would just for once portray the whole and complete story they would be overwhelmed by the response. Pinky send me your family's Fourseam story I've got to have the copy to the publisher no later than July 20. Paul David
Paul David Taulbee <Taulbee>
Jeff, Ky - Friday, June 16, 2000

I love this town. I've lived here my whole life and I plan to live here the rest of my life and I plan to grow old here and I even plan to die here when that day comes.
Josh Campbell <>
Perry Co. - Friday, June 16, 2000

Just wanted to say "wassup" to the Hagans family. Pat, Granny, Deann, Dedra, April, Ashley, Shelton, Syl, Shelton, Danny, Cal, Kenny, Jay and anyone I forgot. Miss you guys.
Jason Thomas <>
Nashville, TN - Thursday, June 15, 2000

Hello Hazard!! what a beautiful community.. I unfortunately have no roots from here but my husband's grandparents are Amos and Marie Hurley from Georges Branch. what a beautiful place.. it brings a touch of reality and what a better place to go to find yourself.. I love Hazard and all the love in it.. it is soo beautiful all year just wanted to say hello.. and if anyone knows my mother-in-law.. I'd love to hear some memories.. Joan Hurley? Frank, Mary, Butch, Jack, Nell Hurley? Love u all.
Leslie Hutchison <>
Lima Ohio, - Monday, June 12, 2000

Hello, everyone in Hazard. This is a nice site, and it has put me in touch with some old friends from school. I graduated from Cordia in 1990. I was then known as Delora Lucas. I married Charles Reed from Christopher in 1992, and we have two lovely children together. Charles Graduated from Dilce Combs in 1988. We now live in Indiana, but we check this site periodically for people we have lost contact with over the years. May God Bless Dee Reed
Delora Lucas Reed <>
Topeka, Indiana - Sunday, June 11, 2000

I was looking through the web site for someone that would have some information on a television program in 1979 or 1980. It was called the Sterling Akers Show it was shown on WYMT in Hazard Ky. John Boy Flannery had a show on also. I did not find anything here but if someone has a tape or any information please e-mail at
Stella Stacy <>
Knott Co, USA - Sunday, June 11, 2000

I was born in Knott Co Hindman KY. I am going to go to a family reunion in July at Homeplace Hospital but have no idea where that is. Could someone give me directions.
Daniel Richie <>
Indianapolis, IN - Sunday, June 11, 2000

Would like to hear from anyone with info about my grandparents Laura Bell [Napier] and Sam Campbell of Rowdy, KY. Thanks.
Pam Duff Enright <>
Tipton, Indiana - Saturday, June 10, 2000

I loved this web site. My maiden name was Esther South and we lived at the top of Duane Mountain. My mother (Eleanor), brother (Jim) and I moved from Kentucky in 1964. I would love to communicate with anyone who would remember us.
Esther Hisle <>
Muncie, IN - Saturday, June 10, 2000

Hello Hazard - I guess you could say I represent the Combs family from down there up here in Terre Haute Indiana. I was looking for genealogy and discovered this site and all the pictures. I have heard of Hazard all my life but these are the first pictures I have seen. They are wonderful. It is like finally putting a face with a name. My g-g-g-grandfather was Isaac B Combs. He had a plantation. Does anyone know exactly where it was (or is)? Or what the house looked like? Isaac B's daughter married an O'Hair and they moved to Il mid 1800s. But, clear down to me the family has felt those strong ties to East Ky. This site has made a lot of people happy it looks like.
Carmen J DeWitt <>
Terre Haute, IN - Friday, June 09, 2000

The First Creek school was great. Now if someone that has a picture of the old Blue Diamond "Y" and/or Commisary would post them on the Hazard web site. Thanks in advance.
Charles Fields <>
Seagrove Bch, Fl., USA - Friday, June 09, 2000

Hi, my name is Jim Stepp. I am from Lothair and would like to see some pictures of Hazard golf course. Some old & some new. My wife's name was Virginia Peters. We left Hazard in 1960. We like this web site. We look at it all the time for more stuff. See you later.
Jimmy Stepp <>
Franklin, Ohio - Friday, June 09, 2000

Went to B.H.S. graduated in '74. My twin sister also. Her name Is Linda Rae. My last name is Johnson now. Her's is Miller. (Sandlin was our maiden name). If anyone out there remembers us, please let's hear from you. We would love to converse with anyone we went to school with!
Rachel Johnson <jojoman@se-tel.comm>
Hazard, Ky. - Friday, June 09, 2000

I have been "off-line" since October 99. I also lost all of my e-mail addresses. Would like to hear from all of you again at my new e-mail address. If you come to the Destin/Ft. Walton Beach area, stop in at Yesterdays and say "Hi" to the drummer in The Great Pretenders. That would be me. Randy Whitaker, HHS 72
Randy Whitaker <>
Ft Wal Bch, FL - Friday, June 09, 2000

Thanks to the person that put the First Creek School and gym on the Hazard site. I played on the team from that school in 1948-1949. It sure brings back old memories. If anyone knows me or anyone on the 1948-1949 team please e-mail me. Would love to hear from anyone on that subject.
Charles Fields <>
Seagrove Beach, Fl - Friday, June 09, 2000

Stumbled across this web site today. I really enjoyed it, especially the photo of Leatherwood High School's "B" Basket Team. It sure brings back a lot of memories. I graduated from Leatherwood High in 1969. My parents are Leslie and Della Cornett of Slemp. I would love to hear from any of my classmates.
Chris Caudill (Krissy Cornett) <>
Los Alamos, NM - Friday, June 09, 2000

Just looking for some decendants of a Jimmy Rhoden. If you are or think you might be, please e-mail me. My husband is Kenneth Rhoden. Thank you!
Stacie Rhoden <>
Waverly, OH - Thursday, June 08, 2000

H. B. Chapman and Becky Caudill are getting hitched Fathers Day!!! Anyone wanting more info. about the wedding e-mail me.
Kenton Holbrook <>
Hazard, KY - Thursday, June 08, 2000

I was born and raised in Knott county, Kentucky. I attended Cordia High School. I got married to Kenneth Martin in 1985 and then we moved to Winchester, Ky for about 9 months and then moved back to Knott county to have our first child. It was hard to find a job in Perry county so my husband joined the military (United States Air Force). We have been all over the world it seems, but Kentucky will always be called our home. We have been in for over 13 years and we are planning on staying until we retire. I would love to hear from any of my old classmates or anyone. My parents are Floyd and Norma Mullins of Clear Creek (Fisty), Kentucky. We are stationed at the present at Lajes Field Azores, that is in Portugal, it is an island that is 12 miles by 18 miles.
Sharry Martin <>
Azorea, Portugal, - Thursday, June 08, 2000

I am in a small place called Beck's Mill, IN. It is south of Salem. I enjoyed your web site very much.
Harold Wingler <>
Salem, IN - Wednesday, June 07, 2000

Thought I would sign the guest book again for the second time around. It is such a good feeling to read all the familiar names we grew up with. We haven't lived in Kentucky for almost 8 years now. Good News, we will be returning to Kentucky in October of this year. We are very excited to be able to move back home to be closer to our families and relatives. Can't wait. Kentucky, see you soon for good.
Jennifer & Jeffery Walker <>
Clovis, NM - Wednesday, June 07, 2000

Listen to 101.1 all the time. New to the net, but love it.
Roger L. Shepherd <>
Happy, KY. - Monday, June 05, 2000

What's up Hazard? Long time no see...........
Ben Davidson <>
Lawton, Oklahoma - Monday, June 05, 2000

Were you in the Hazard High class of 1980? Do you know someone in the class? Please pass on to them the 20th reunion will be July 2, 2000. We don't want anyone to miss the fun and fellowship. You can email me, or look up the information on the message board here under Reunions, however you get the information... just get to the reunion!!! See you there!
Susie Combs Oliver <>
Waco, Texas - Sunday, June 04, 2000

Nice page.
Glen <>
Tennessee, USA - Sunday, June 04, 2000

My roots are deeply planted in this beautiful country. I was born 1959 on Second Creek. My parents are Jim and Zillah Reece. Grandparents are Manford and Susie Stacy, and Millard and Maude Reece. Would love to hear from anyone that remembers them.
Pam Carpenter <>
Holly, MI - Saturday, June 03, 2000

Looking for old friends from school or anybody wanting to chat.
Anna Jent Robinson <>
Harrodsburg, Ky - Saturday, June 03, 2000

Hey there! I'm a descendat of Samuel and Rebecca Maggard. Letcher County Kentucky. Searching for my family's history and any information will be greatly appreciated.
Larry Maggard <TNKnx@AOL.COM>
Sevierville, TN - Friday, June 02, 2000

My grandparents' names were Wheeler Hambiln and Renda (White) Hamblin my great-grandfather was Hidge & Elisabeth White and my mother's name is Pearl Hamblin who attended school in Blue Diamond & Forket Mouth in the 50's. Any information on any of my family members would be a big help.
David West <D327S10@YAHOO.COM>
Austin, IN - Friday, June 02, 2000

I would like too hear from old friends and H.H.S. classmates.
Carolyn Luttrell <>
Harlan, Kentucky, U.S.A. - Thursday, June 01, 2000

I grew up in Hazard. It was, is, and always will be my home. I am currently living in Virginia. After high school (Napier, PCCHS), I joined the Navy and I have a year and a half left on my five year enlistment. I can't wait to move back to Hazard. I will be in Hazard this weekend, 3rd June. My brother, Shane Morris, is graduating from HHS. Congrats bub... I'll see ya this weekend. Southeastern Ky is full of truly great people!
Jared Kevin Morris <>
Portsmouth, VA - Thursday, June 01, 2000

Just wanted to say Hi to all of my old classmates. Haven't heard from anyone much since we graduated in 1987. I graduated from M.C. Napier and would love to hear from anyone even if it is just to say Hi. Take Care
Vanessa Colwell <>
Chavies, Ky - Tuesday, May 30, 2000

This is an extremely well done web site and I congratulate the individuals that did the work. I have been researching Hazard and Perry County as I believe my father or his relatives were from there. I would love to hear from any Davidson's that live in the vicinity. I am searching for descendants or someone who knows of Maryan Davidson who died in Hazard in 1911 at the age of 65. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
Maryann Wells <>
Glendive, MT, USA - Tuesday, May 30, 2000

Good day cousins! Looking for information on Martha Neace d/o William Neace h/o Lady Belle. Martha had 3 children including my Grandmother.
Michelle Campbell <>
Glendale, AZ, USA - Monday, May 29, 2000

Hi, to all old friends. I graduated from Dilce Combs High School in 1981, if any old friends are out there please e-mail to say hi. It's been 20 years since school, I miss those old days and friends.
Judie Lynn Gayheart <>
Vicco Ky - Monday, May 29, 2000

I really miss Hazard it's a wonderful city and the pictures were awesome. I left Hazard in 1978 after I graduated from M. C. Napier I went into the army overseas in Germany when I came back jobs where scarce so I moved to Frankfort Ky but we still talk about Hazard a lot and come home as much as possible. I would like to here from my friends, please email me soon.
Larry E. Moore <>
Frankfort, KY - Sunday, May 28, 2000

Does anyone know any Muncys that still might live in Hazard or outlying areas or even any Gilberts that might know about my family tree? They were Winnie Muncy and Heywood Gilbert they had lots of kids Frank, Felix, Polly, Dale, Mollie and one other brother. Does anyone know them or any? Jimmy Gilbert was my grandma's Mollie cousin I found that out but I am looking for someone who might be a Gilbert or Muncy that might write back. There is a book at the library in northern Ky that has the history of Hazard and everyone that lived there for years I think until 1950 so if someone is looking for someone you might find the same book at your local library in the history section. Have a great day hello Ida May and Jack.
Robyn Steele <>
Falmouth Ky - Sunday, May 28, 2000

Hi, I was born in Hazard in 1945 to Wiley and Emmalene Napier.I was born in Dartfork Hollow. We moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in the 50's. My mothers parents were Mann & Sythia Hughes who had 13 children. My Dad's Aunt raised him, Leaner Napier, Triplett. I just wanted to sign the guest book and let you know I love visiting Hazard. My Aunt Joyce Grigsby still lives there and isn't well. I will be visiting very soon. Love to here from anyone who knows my family. Linda Middendorf
Linda L. Napier, Middendorf <cmiddendor.321760>
Miamisburg, Ohio, Montgomery - Saturday, May 27, 2000

I went to Carr Creek school in 1959. I had friends on Wolf Pen and in Red Fox but I have been away for a long time. If any one remembers me e-mail me and let's chat about old times.
Darrel Caudill <>
Columbus, Ohio, usa - Friday, May 26, 2000

Just wanted to hear from any Dilce Combs graduates, Class of '94. Send me an E-mail, all are welcome.
Keith Campbell <>
Fort Hood, TX, USA - Friday, May 26, 2000

Hello Hazard, it's been a long time. How I wish I could go back in time to my home in Viper. I miss it so! My father was Lee Campbell, my mother Nannie, three sisters: Brenda, Wilma, Mary Ann and one brother, Joe. If anyone knows our family, would love to hear from you and reminisce a bit. Your website brought all those old memories rushing back. Kentucky will forever remain in my heart!!!!
Debbie Campbell <>
Inverness, Fl - Friday, May 26, 2000

Anyone attend M.C. Napier in mid-sixties? Graduated in 1965.
Kathleen (Ritchie) Deno <>
Hazard, Ky, US - Friday, May 26, 2000

Hello everyone. I was born in Hazard and have lived elsewhere in my life. I still have family that live there, Rod & Beverly Maggard. My Uncle Rod is the Police Chief there so if you see him tell him hello for me. I have not been back to visit Hazard in years but eventually I will make it back someday.
Tracey (Maggard) Perkins <>
Fayetteville, NC, USA - Friday, May 26, 2000

Hi Hazard! Maybe you could help me. I am looking for Jimmy Lawson of Harlan, Ky who may be working there in Hazard as an EMT/fireman. I have something of his and I need to let him know. If you know Jimmy Lawson please email me!
S. Henry <>
- Thursday, May 25, 2000

Hello everybody I looked at all of the pictures I enjoyed them The Holland family is from Hazard. I trying to do a family tree if anybody know of any Holland Please email me. Oh I was born in Pineville Ky And moved to Ohio in 1956. Oregonia is 36 miles north of Cincinnati Oh
Charles Holland <>
Oregonia, oh - Thursday, May 25, 2000

mellisa holland <>
letcher , KY - Thursday, May 25, 2000

Hello, everyone! I am a current resident of Hazard, and will be a freshman at HHS next year. GO BULLDOGS!! Anyway, TO CHRIS CAUDILL: if you are who I think you are we were in band together before you graduated;would like to hear from you. {address 4693 upper 2nd creek road hazard, ky 41701}THANX! rebecca c/o 2004!
Hazard,KY, USA - Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Hi to all Combs. Father: Rev. James Daniel Combs Dec.2,1913 Wife: Goidie Nancy Hopkins March 7, 1916. 2 children: James (jr)& Gloria Faye. Brother: Lawerence Sisters: Lucy & Virgie Mae There Father: William Clarence Combs 1849-1950 Wife: Margaret Elizabeth Moore 1859-1950 Is there anyone out there related to us? I'm trying to do a Family Tree. Daddy Went to be with Jesus in March 1999 & I found a Gen. back to 1843. God Bless
Linda & James Combs <>
Pierson, Fl., Volusia - Wednesday, May 24, 2000

i have a lot of family in perry county does anyone know any halls that live in viper ky? I have a few family members who live in a small trailor park.
mellisa holland <>
letcher ky, usa - Wednesday, May 24, 2000

this message is for Louise Angel McDaniel I tried to e-mail you but for some reason I could not send to your address--is there something wrong??.
Rosa Mae (Griffie)Huff <>
Miamisburg,Ohio, - Tuesday, May 23, 2000

Hello to all Perry County.Havent been down in a few years but will make it this summer.
Glenn R Baker Jr. <GGreyHorse.,@aol.comm>
Cincinnati,Ohio, Hamilton - Tuesday, May 23, 2000

Hi, My grandfather, William Gay died in th 70s. His wife was Sally Couch. I wander does anyone know of his relatives? Does anyone know who his parents were? Does anyone know of Alfie Smith of Leatherwood? Is there a Little Leatherwood and how do I get there from Hazard? Please send me your answer to my email. Thanks Geraldine
Geraldine <>
bloomington, IN - Monday, May 22, 2000

This web site has put me in touch with someone who has provided me with a wealth of knowledge about my mothers side of the family , the Kilburns. This web site is a true blessing. My love for the great state of Kentucky will never die and I have passed this love on down to my children. The call of the hills will forever be in my ears and mind and I will continue to come till the end....
David L. Salley <>
Milan, Michigan, U.S. - Monday, May 22, 2000

Hi, to all M.C. Napier Grads. 1970 class. Would to hear from some of you. Would love to hear from any 1970 band members. Love this web page. Lera Fugate Feltner
bROWNSVILLE,kY., USA - Sunday, May 21, 2000

I was born and raised in Christopher Holler in l943.I was the son of Martha (Blackie) Mills and grandson of Noah and Maude Mills. I went to Cornett School and left in 1953. Anyone who knew any of my family I would greatly appreciate you getting in touch with me.
Bobby Thompson alias Bobby Mills <>
Paris, Tennessee, USA - Sunday, May 21, 2000

I was born and raised in Christopher Holler in l943.I was the son of Martha (Blackie) Mills and grandson of Noah and Maude Mills. I went to Cornett School and left in 1953. Anyone who knew any of my family I would greatly appreciate you getting in touch with me.
Bobby Thompson alias Bobby Mills <>
Paris, Tennessee, USA - Sunday, May 21, 2000

Hello to Perry Countians. Nice site however I wish there was more recent info. I taught in the county school system during 1980-83 (MC Napier & elem. schools). Would like to hear from anyone who might remember me.
Susan Phillips <>
Maysville, KY, USA - Sunday, May 21, 2000

My name was Louise Angel. I was born and lived at Bonnyman, Ky.. I went Napier High School. Live in Bonnyman until 1958, going back for visits until my mother Georgia Angel passed on. If any of my old friends wish to say hello please e-mail at
Louise Angel McDaniel <>
Avon Park ,Fla, USA - Sunday, May 21, 2000

Hello everyone that knows us in Hazard, and the Typo/Bonnyman area.
shannon thornsberry and mason goins <>
georgetown/hazard, USA - Sunday, May 21, 2000

I just ran across this web site and enjoyed it very much I grew up in Glowmar and am still living here. I know Hettie Gabbard and her children very well. Johnny Gabbard, I know you and your family. I use to go down your house all the time. How is BETTY, THEO. Pete. Where is Pete at now? He used to date my sister Wanda, who is deceased now. Tell all your family i said hi from Vicki Feltner. I enjoyed this web site. If you want to contact me at Thank You.
Hazard, KY, USA - Saturday, May 20, 2000

Robyn Steele: Yes, I got your email and I responded but have not had another reply from you or your sister. My cousin, Glynna, remembers Hinda Lee also. I think Jack Gross is Don Gross. At least the one I know from Walkertown that I talk to is the brother of Dwight Gross and I know him as Don although his name is Jack. Later, Ida Lee Hansel
Ida Hansel <>
Spartanburg, SC, USA - Friday, May 19, 2000

I grew up in Christopher and still have a brother, Joe Thorpe, a sister, Emma Jean Thorpe Tyreman, and a few cousins keeping the home fires burning. It would be nice to see the mountains filled with dogwoods and redbuds this time of year.
Pauline Thorpe Hoover <>
Scottsville, VA, USA - Friday, May 19, 2000

Hello all. I haven't been home in quite some time. I am in the Navy and stationed in Virginia Beach. Just wanting to hear from a few folks I hung out with. If any of my old friends see this, please drop me a line.
Todd Womack <>
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA - Friday, May 19, 2000 do you know a Victor Brashear? He is my brother-in-law and they live in Ohio they are from Hazard and he is around 50 or so. If you do write back and I will give him a message from you.
Robyn Steele <>
Falmouth, Kentucky - Friday, May 19, 2000

I think this site is great.... Darrell or Donna Brashear please get in touch. I want your e-mail address.
Frances <>
Ohio, USA - Friday, May 19, 2000

Hi Martha Hall Quigley, I remember you as well as your sister, A.J. A. J. and I were in the same class and were at a reunion last year. Since A. J. took lots of pictures and mine didn't turn out too well, I was wondering if she would be interested in sharing her negatives? I would appreciate it if she would contact me and let me know. My husband was a band director here at Middlesboro so we hear from Jack Walker occasionally and he had told us about your reunion at Buckhorn. Unfortunately, we didn't get his message until after the event. I would like to have come as a visitor. He said that you all always had a great time. I also remember Barbara Lewis and sent her an e-mail but have never heard back from her.
Barbara Hampton Simpson <>
Middlesboro, KY, USA - Friday, May 19, 2000

hi ruth newberry here just wanted to change my e mail address i have it listed wrong it is
ruth newberry <>
ligonier indiana, USA - Thursday, May 18, 2000 i have gotten back what i wrote you but i did get what you sent me my dad does know you do you have a brother name don? my dad and aunt hinda said hello his e-mail is please write me & him back it is nice to hear from you and ida may
robyn steele <>
falmouth, kentucky usa - Thursday, May 18, 2000 i tried to e-mail you did you get it my dad remembers you and so does aunt hinda if you didn;t get my e-mail pos t it on the web page so ican know i sent you her address to please write back
robyn steele <>
falmouth, ky usa - Thursday, May 18, 2000

I lived in Hardburly until 1973, Graduated M.C. Napier 1972, moved to Michigan and have been here forever. have fond memories of growing up in Hardburly, it will always be home.
Samuel Clay <>
Dundee Michigan, USA - Thursday, May 18, 2000

Hello anyone from Hardburly. I would like to know if anyone remembers the Everages. My dad's name is LB, my mom's is Arizona. I have a brother called Bubby and a sister Joyce. I was called J.C. I've only been on the net for about 5 months now but I always check here for new info. My family is still all alive and we live within 25 miles of each other. We moved from Hardburly in 1964 and my parents still go back for a visit every year. I haven't really been back in a long time, but this site makes me homesick, I really had forgotten a lot of the fond memories until I visited this site.
John Everage <>
Knox,Indiana, USA - Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Robyn, I just emailed you and also your sister, Holly. If you do not get these post me another message here. Also if you receive them email me back, please. Zeno is dead, but has a son, my cousin, Jimmy, who lives in Dayton OH. Let me know if you get my email. Thanks. Ida Lee Hansel
Ida Hansel <>
Spartanburg SC, USA - Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Looking at the pictures you put on Web re June Patterson, etal. June, her sister, Louise and their mother were my best friends of many years. Randall, are they still living, and if so, please get June or Louise in touch with me. I know their Mom died before I left Hazard. Are you Louise's son? I remember you as a small boy if you are. Ida Lee Stacy Hansel email address:
Ida Hansel <>
Spartanburg SC, USA - Tuesday, May 16, 2000 also you can try to e-mail me now i called my internet carrier and i think the problem has been fixed looking forward to hearing from both of you
robyn steele <>
falmouth, kentucky usa - Tuesday, May 16, 2000 dear ida how do you know my family? Is zeno still alive and is hansel your married name? I will get you another e-mail to try if this don't work please write back asap
robyn steele <>
falmouth, ky usa - Tuesday, May 16, 2000

You have no idea how much this site means to those of us so far from home. Hazard will always be home. The mountains will always call out to us. Thank you.
Jane Gregory Harris <>
San Diego, CA, USA - Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Hi, Barbara Lewis Combs. I have tried to find you to let you know what the class of 1960 has been doing. I didn't have the internet back in 1995 when we had our class reunion. We met a few weeks back at Buckhorn. The longer we get away from 1960, the harder it is to find folks. I feel like I want to apologize to you for not being able to find you. Are you a nurse? The class hopes to get together again soon. Everytime we come together it is great. Class of 1960 sign on please.
Martha Hall Quigley
Hazard, Kentucky, USA - Monday, May 15, 2000

I visit this site at least once a month and check in on the info. My dad (HOBERT COMBS) was born and raised in COMBS,KY. Papaw (JOSHUA COMBS) was a very well known man there. Anything anyone can tell me about them is encouraged. Thank you to all that respond to these messages. Sometimes its all one has to remember. GREAT SITE!!! Hi Jack Gross.
Danielle Lane (Combs) <>
WA, USA - Sunday, May 14, 2000

The M.C Napier Reunion for the 1950 classes will be Saturday, June 17, 2000 at the Hazard Hotel at 7 p.m. This reunion is for anyone that went to school at MCN in the fifties and it is not required that you graduated. If you are interested please contact me for cost and where you send your reservations.
Janice (Hurt) Gross <>
Hazel Green, AL, USA - Sunday, May 14, 2000

Thanks for my daily reading pleasure so far from home. Also, Robyn Steele, your email address is missing something as I cannot get you a message. I know Hinda Lee, Charles, etc. and also Zeno Wallace. My email address is if you want to contact me I will share with you my memories. Ida Lee Hansel
Ida Lee Hansel <>
Spartanburg SC, USA - Sunday, May 14, 2000

Just thought I would sign the guest book. I Like your website.
Angela M Combs
Grapevine KY., USA - Sunday, May 14, 2000

Hi all! I check this guestbook often, but I tend to drag at times and miss the conversations and such! I am a 1993 graduate of R.W. Combs, attended Dilce until '95, then graduated from PCC in 1997. I got my Associate in Applied Science from HCC in May 1999 and now am living in Lexington as a senior at the University of Kentucky, majoring in Telecommunications (music production)! I would love to hear from all of you I have met over the years, and hope to see some of you at the Dilce Reunion which I do plan on attending, even though I didn't get lucky enough to graduate from there! I hope this message finds everyone well...
Lindsay Caudill <>
Lexington, KY, USA - Sunday, May 14, 2000

Was referred to your site by my brother. I was born at Hardburly, Ky. Shortly thereafter we moved to Blue Diamond Coal Camp, Leatherwood, Kentucky. I lived at Leatherwood 18 years and graduated from Leatherwood High School. My father was Auty Bolin, my mother was Cuba Dobson Bolin. I graduated in 1966 and would love to hear from anyone who attended high school during the time I did. My name is Nelson Bolin and I currently reside in Bell County, Kentucky. Would welcome email from anyone who remembers Leatherwood. Nelson Bolin
Nelson Bolin <>
Hulen, USA - Sunday, May 14, 2000

hi I am Terry Yancy I was born in Hazard in 1944 lived in Wabaco and I am the son of Leroy and Alice Yancy I have brothers Gene, Paul, Buddy, James and sisters Betty Ruth, Gaynell,Pat, Peggy and Jeanett We went to school at Carls Fork, Viper, and Walkertown.My Uncles were Henry, Bill hen, Van, I hope someone reads this and can maybe give me so info on some of my family or maybe you know someone who knew my family if so please e-mail me at thanks from Ca . Terry Yancy
Terry Yancy <>
Wattsonville , Ca., USA - Saturday, May 13, 2000

Hello Kentucky. My parents Will/Bill & Mattie Oliver were from Perry Co. I was norn in Red Fox 1943. My father died in July 1943, we then moved to Cincinnati. If anyone out there knows anything about my family I would appreciate any information. my Mother's maiden name was Mattie Bowling she had three brothers Sam, John, Lawerance, her father's name was Robert, mother was Alice. Thank you for any help.
Wilma Oliver Homsey <>
Lamar OK - Saturday, May 13, 2000

Hello. Love the web sight. My parent's were from Hazard, but moved here in the 60's when my dad took a job in the factories here in Flint. My dad's parents were Belle and Monroe Ritchie from Knott County (Ball Creek) and my mom's parents were G. B. and Oma Williams from Ary (Williamsbranch). My parent's names are Jimmy and Dot Ritchie. If anyone knows them or my family I would like to hear from you. Also if anyone knows of a Grover Patrick and family that are from Hazard but live in Pensacola Florida, please let me know also. I was a student at Pensacola Christian College and met them by chance and they became good friends when I found out that they knew my dad's family. I have not kept in touch with them and would like to know how they are doing. Thanks for this web sight.
Theresa Serna (Ritchie) <>
Flint, Michigan - Saturday, May 13, 2000

Mischelle (Sumner) Wilson: I am researching my family tree and have hit a blank wall on my Sumner line. My Grandparents were Wm.D (Bill) and Martha Sumner who lived across the mountain from Big Branch at the foot of the mountain as you started from Kodak to Big Branch. Thought you may be able to help me make a connection, If so , please e-mail me at the below add. Ben Engle (By the way, this is a great website, we visit often).
Ben Engle <>
Aberdeen, OH - Friday, May 12, 2000

Hello Everyone, I was born in Hazard in Dec. of 1944. I never knew my birth parents and only have limited information. My mother's name was Lola (Ball-Boll or Brown) and was unmarried. Father's name was Willie Wells and had a brother Charles. Adopted parent's name was Lewis (no legal adoption). I have a sister named Wanda who went to school in Hazard. Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.
Don Lewis <>
Orlando, FL - Friday, May 12, 2000

I am looking for LAURA ROSE if anyone knows how to reach her please send info I haven't talked to her in 4 years .
Kenton Holbrook <>
Hazard KY, USA - Friday, May 12, 2000

Hello out there! Just wanting to get in touch with anyone from the HHS class of '91.
Lori Bingham Howard <>
Hazard, Ky - Friday, May 12, 2000

Martha Barker Feltner<>
Commiskey, IN - Thursday, May 11, 2000

Hello Hazard. I just visited the web site, it is great just browsing it made me yearn to come home. I graduated from M.C. Napier High in "89". I just want to thank the person or people who put this web site together. You have made all of us who have moved away remember everything good about the way of life in that small town. If anyone remembers me, please feel free to email me. I would love to hear from any of my old friends. Thank you so much for the memories. Love always.
Virginia (Collins) Eachus <>
London, OH, USA - Thursday, May 11, 2000

Looking for information about Laura Bell(Napier)Campbell and or Sam Campbell of Rowdy Kentucky. e-mail correction.
Pam(Duff)Enright <>
Tipton,Indiana, USA - Thursday, May 11, 2000

If anybody got any pics of the hills send me some. thank you
willie grizzle <>
scottsville, ky - Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Marcia Miller, I hope you got the emails that I sent you cause I did get the one you sent. I hope to here from you soon. Bye and God Bless!
Jessica Coots <>
Hazard, Ky., USA - Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Jack Gross: You might try for Robyn Steele's email address. Just a suggestion.
Admin <>
Hazard, KY, - Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Robyn Steele, I have sent e-mail several times to the two addresses you gave me. None of them went thru. I lived in Hazard (Walkertown) from 1933 till 1951 when I joined the Air Force. I was trying to send you my recollection of the Red Bird area in the late 1940's. If you will send me a good e-mail address I will get back with you.
Jack Gross <>
Madison, AL, USA - Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Jack Gross please return my e-mail or call or something. Talking to my dad tonight he said you might know him Charles Johnson, Hinda Johnson, Orville Johnson, he is my grandpa and Loren Johnson who died in 1955 before I was born. It is very important I really need to hear from you. My dad said he might know you. How old are you? No offense. Looking forward to hearing from you
Robyn Steele <>
Falmouth, KY - Tuesday, May 09, 2000

Hello! I am from Viper, I lived on Big Branch at Fusiona. I live in Somerset now. I moved here in 91. I went to Viper Elem. and to Dilce Combs High and graduated in 1990. I then went onto The Hazard Vo-Tech in Jan 91-June 91. I am now married to Sam Wilson, we've been married for 5 1/2 years. I just wanted to say "Hello" to anyone out there who may run across this and remember me or went to school with me. Take Care.
Mischelle (Sumner) Wilson
Somerset, KY, USA - Tuesday, May 09, 2000

Looking for information about Laura Bell (Napier) Campbell and or Sam Campbell of Rowdy, Kentucky.
Pam (Duff) Enright <>
Tipton, Indiana, USA - Tuesday, May 09, 2000

If anyone has any information on Vivian Campbell maybe Vivian Neace, from Rowdy, Ky. Would you please let me know. We went to school at M. C. Napier in the 60's. Thank You
Juanita (Engle) Brown <>
Pleasanton, Kansas, USA - Tuesday, May 09, 2000

Jessica Coots I tried to e-mail you but this address will not go through. I know your pastor. Send me your address. Thanks Marcia
Marcia Miller <>
Hopkinsville,Ky, USA - Monday, May 08, 2000

Hey Ocus Dotson, I got your message but you failed to give me your e-mail address. I do have an address you need. Glynna
Glynna Richie <>
Hardburly,ky, USA - Monday, May 08, 2000

Hello I would just like to take this time to say hey to all you Hazard/Perry county folks. I live in Perry Co myself. I am an 18 year old female. I attended Viper Elementary then I attended Perry County Central High School awhile but then quit. Got my GED at the Vo-Tec. Have lived on Pratt Mountain since the summer of '94. I am originally from Whitesburg. That is where my mom's family is from and my dad's family is from here. I attend the New Life Temple Church in Glomar Holler. Pastor is Eugene McIntosh. Services are Sunday morning at 10:00 am AND Sunday Night at 6:30 pm. On Tuesday at 7:00 and sometimes on Sat at 7:00 pm there is youth service on Saturday. All are welcome. If you think you may know me or just want to talk, email me and we will talk. And oh, this is a great web site!!
Jessica Coots <jessica_41774>
Perry Co, USA - Monday, May 08, 2000

I was born in Glowmar, moved to Christopher Hollar, attended R. W. Combs grade school. My Mother's name was Hettie Gabbard, my father was Matt Gabbard. I moved away in 1981...would like to hear from anyone who knows me or my family.
John Richard Gabbard <>
Morehouse, MO - Saturday, May 06, 2000

Hi Hazard!!! I'm trying to find out information about my family. I was born in Hazard on Scuddy Hollow. My Dad grew up in Vicco, KY. His name is Orlan Holliday. His father (my grandfather) was Mahlon Holliday. My Mother was a native of Hazard and she was also born on Scuddy Hollow. Her name was Imogene Williams. Her father (my grandfather) was Arch Williams. Any information from anyone who grew up with any of these people???...I'd like to hear from you!!!
Ralph Holliday <>
Independence, KY - Saturday, May 06, 2000

If anybody has ever heard of Artur Grizzle and would care to share anything about him please e-mail.
Willie Grizzle <>
Scottsville, KY - Saturday, May 06, 2000

I was born and raised in Bulan, Kentucky. I left Hazard in 1965 and have only returned to visit my family who still lives there. If anyone up there knows me please send me an e-mail and let me know. I graduated from M. C. Napier in 1965. That makes me an old timer. Some of my fondest memories are from the Bulan-Duane Area. My fathers name was Sherman Feltner. I have two brothers that still live in the hazard area. They are Dana Feltner and Wayne Feltner.
William Feltner <(>
St. Louis, MO - Saturday, May 06, 2000 tried to e-mail you back did you get it? If not e-mail me and let me know I would like to know what you know about my great-great-grandparents. I do know they were the first white settlers in the Red Bird area. I got that out of a book in the library but anything else I am unsure of. I also know one of them married Chief Red Bird's daughter. So please reply or if anyone knows anyone from Krypton, Ky let me know or even Hell Creek. That is in another county Lee county I think by Beattyville. Have a great day.
Robyn Steele <>
Falmouth, KY - Saturday, May 06, 2000

I am from Knott county, and visit often. I grew up in Red Fox and went to school at Carr Creek. Mush Adams was my uncle. I found this web sight by accident, and I'm glad I did. I read thru the messages and recognize a name from time to time. Message to Darell Caudill: If you will go to Red Fox and go up Hale Branch, about a mile to Vance Blair he might be able to tell you what you want to know. On the way up to Hale Branch you will go by the Shade Back farm, who had two sons Edwin and Shelby Back.
Vaughn Banks <>
Taylor MI - Friday, May 05, 2000

I am looking for some of my relations. I am Shade Back's grandson and the son of Elmer & Annice Caudill. Anyone that knew them please drop me a line they were from Knott county. GREAT WEB SITE. Thank You.
Darrel Caudill <>
Ohio, USA - Friday, May 05, 2000

I moved back here last year after living away for a few years. And since moving back haven't seen anyone that I went to school with or heard how they were doing. I graduated M.C. Napier in 1987. Would love to hear from anyone and know how they are doing..Hope to hear from you soon...Take Care
Vanessa Colwell <>
Chavies, KY - Thursday, May 04, 2000

I am looking for a man named Woodrow Cornett, from the Knott County area. We moved to Somerset last year, where I met an eldery gentleman named William Jenkins (Lou). He is from Lincoln county at a place called Kings Mountain. he very much wants to talk to Woodrow Cornett or someone who knows anything about him. He said they were in the service together and he just wants to find out what happened to him. If any one has any information about Mr. Cornett please contact me so I can let Mr. Jenkins know.
Wanda Smith <>
Somerset, Ky - Wednesday, May 03, 2000

I loved the photos. I have been researching my family (a lot from Owsley County) and loved seeing the area. You have done a great job with the website. I too am a Kentucky girl living "abroad" - the flat lands of Illinois just don't compare!
Michele Douglas <>
Urbana, IL - Wednesday, May 03, 2000

I enjoyed learning a little more about where I will be working this summer. Very nice website. God Bless.
Sarah Eppes <>
DeSoto, TX - Wednesday, May 03, 2000

Hello, I graduated from Cordia in 1990. At that time I was known as Delora Lucas. I would love to hear from classmates or anyone else who knows me. God Bless You, Dee
Delora Lucas Reed <>
Topeka, Indiana, - Tuesday, May 02, 2000

Good job on the web site. I was born in Hazard on Baker Hill just below the old high school. Graduated from Hazard High in 1944. I was in Hazard last Saturday, April 29, researching the Baker, Caudill, Feltner, and Hurt families. Hazard is a great town.
Guy W. "Moe" Baker <>
Mt Vernon, IL - Monday, May 01, 2000

I would like to hear from any Olingers, Kidds, Combs
Johnny L. Kidd <>
Richmond, IN - Monday, May 01, 2000

Hi everyone it has been awhile since I checked in. I have heard from a lot of people since. Sure would love to here from anyone at Amburgey Ky. I just hope I get to see someone I was raised up with this year while I am home. My email is and I live in Springfield IL now. Hope to see you this year Lee Gibson Jr
Lee Gibson Jr <Lvicco>
Springfield, IL, - Monday, May 01, 2000

Hey y'all, just figured I'd sign the guest book and get my name in here. Left Hazard last year to join the Navy (CLASS OF 99!!!). I only get to see the mountains about three times a year now, so I really like the old pics. I'm leaving soon for a six month tour in the Persian Gulf. If any of you could drop me a line it would really help.
Chris Caudill <>
Norfolk, VA, USA (at the moment) - Sunday, April 30, 2000

My maiden name is Hendrix and my mother's maiden name is Nadine Mitchell. I have really enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading everyone's letters. If you are related or know to any Hendrix or Mitchells in Leslie county (Yeaddies, Cutchin) let me know.
Alice Holloway <JERRYALICE1@AOL.COM>
Ferris, Texas - Sunday, April 30, 2000

My family lived in Hazard for a few years just wondering if any one know of them? Golden - Lilly Gabbard, if so please E-mail me thank you!!! 1930's 1940's I think!!
Vickey <>
Cinti, Ohio, usa - Saturday, April 29, 2000

Hello Hazard, Looking for Steve and Tim Bingham, anyone that has their e-mail please let me know. Thanks.
Eddie Sizemore <>
Hazard Ky - Saturday, April 29, 2000

Robyn Steele, I sent you an e-mail earlier today about Red Bird but it was not deliverable to the address you listed on the guess page.
Jack Gross <>
Madison, Al - Friday, April 28, 2000

Hi my mother was born in Hazard and her name before she was married was Velma Stacy. She is looking for any family of Lewis Stacy. If you are out there just email me with your address and I will pass it on. Her mother's name was Geneva Stacy and they lived there until around the early 60's if this helps.
Debbie Grames <>
Monroe, MI - Friday, April 28, 2000

I would love to find my other family members that were from down there. If there are any Muncys and Gilberts still there and Combs, please let me know. I found my dad and grandparent's name in the library history section about Perry co. and Red Bird but I don't know where Red Bird is what it is close to.
Robyn Steele <>
Falmouth, KY - Thursday, April 27, 2000

My grandparents were from Hazard and our people were the first white settlers back in Red Bird in the 1700s. Their names were Gilbert. I would like to find out if I have family down there. I live in Kentucky and have been to visit them at my great-grandma's grave at the Muncy Cemetery but I can't find anyone who might know us. My grandma married a Johnson but I think my grandma on that side last name was Simms. I do know we are related to Combs and others but I can't find them please write me back if anyone knows my aunt. She was born there 11-11-30. Her name was Hinda Lee Johnson and then my grandparents moved to Covington. I do know my grandma was crazy for a Zeno Wallace, does anyone know him? It is wonderful down there and feels so homey.
Robyn Steele <>
Falmouth Ky - Thursday, April 27, 2000

I live at Hardburly Ky and have lived here all my life and just wanted to know if anyone out there remembers the Brewer family that lived in Muddy Holler. Please feel free to email me. Love this site, keep up the good work and God Bless all.
Vera Holland <>
Perry Co., Ky - Thursday, April 27, 2000

Hello Hazard, I am a former resident of Hazard. I lived in Walkertown, attended Walkertown Elem. and Hazard High School in the 60's. I just discovered this web site, what a walk down memory lane. If anyone would like to e-mail me I would certainly enjoy hearing from you. Now that I have found this site I am sure I will be visiting often.
Jimmy (Jimbo) Luttrell <>
Lexington,Ky, USA - Thursday, April 27, 2000

Looking for information on the Fourseam Coalmine. My great-great-grandfather was a coal miner there and his daughter and grandson lived there for several years. Would like to know the name of the railroad company that either owned the mines in the area or operated out of Hazard. Thanks.
James Brown <>
Plano, TX - Wednesday, April 26, 2000

I am searching information about my family. My father is John Herald his mother was Fannie Herald and his father was Harless Herald. Harless was married and his wife was Polly. If any one has any information would you please contact me. Thank you
Lenora Fox <>
Austin, IN - Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Just got back from Hazard. My in-laws passed away and were cremated. Their wishes were to be taken back to Second Creek Cemetary and that is what we did. Their names were Florence Stacy Hunley and Delmas Hunley. I know they are at peace now that they are home in the Mountains where it all began. It is beautiful country and all the stories my sweet mother-in-law and father-in-law told me all came back. If anyone remembers any of the Kelly or Belle Hunley, Beatrice or Hubert or Florence Stacy or the Delmas Hunley families, please feel free to e-mail me. They are all gone but not forgotten. Thank you for letting me share.
Gennia Hunley <>
Port Hope, MI - Tuesday, April 25, 2000

To Carolyn (Eversole) Williams: If you have a brother Delmer Eversole who graduated from Leatherwood High School e-mail me please. Thanks. Shirl in sunny FL.
Shirley (Clark) Graham <>
Ft. Pierce, FL. - Tuesday, April 25, 2000

To Elbert Cox: Have tried several times to contact you but the e-mail address is returned by postmaster. If Elbert or someone else reads this message and are able to help contact me at: Thanks. Shirl in sunny FL.
Shirley (Clark) Graham <>
Ft. Pierce, FL. - Tuesday, April 25, 2000

I loved the pictures and the comments on this web site and think it is the best web site in the whole world.
Dustin Johnson <Big cat 302 @>
Hamilton, Ohio - Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Hey Hazard! I lived in Hazard for the first two years of my life. I still go visit my family but I miss the mountains. Some of my family owned a resturant called the Shamrock. If you know where I can find some pictures of info. e-mail me and let me know. I just wanted to see what it looked like.
Audra <>
Corbin, KY - Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Just wanted to say hello to family and friends in Vicco and THANK the ones responsible for this web site. April 24 2000
Frances G. Combs <>
Amelia, Ohio - Monday, April 24, 2000

I am looking for information on Leatherwood KY. I was born there in Jan. 1949, parents are Hobert and Bonnie Napier. My father worked for, I think, Blue Diamond Coal Company. Years later my Mother thought that Leatherwood no longer existed. That the coal camp and all were gone. I had lost my birth certificate so when I got a new one she had place of birth listed Toner, KY. Can anyone give me information so I can have my birth certificate corrected? Please e-mail me and thanks.
Becky Napier Ward <>
Macon, GA - Sunday, April 23, 2000

Hello Hazard! My name is Paul Easterling and I'm from Los Angeles. I was born at Bonnyman in 1932 in Calitri Hollow. I went to elementary school at Blue Diamond. My Dad, Ollie Hugh Easterling, was the butcher at the Blue Diamond commissary and worked for L. J. Hammel. Dad later became store manager at Bonnyman in the 40's and also at Leatherwood in the early 60's. My aunt, Pat Mollar, ran a sandwich shop near First Creek High School in the 30's and early 40's. I haven't been back to Hazard since I moved to Los Angeles in 1966. I'm sure that it has changed since I was there. Would love to receive your E-Mail from anyone who knew the Easterlings and Calitris.
Paul G. Easterling <>
Los Angeles, CA - Saturday, April 22, 2000

Hi Hazard I was born and raised in Christopher Kentucky. I now live in Ligonier Indiana. I miss the mountains, especially in the summer. My parents are Raymond [Pat] Newberry now deceased and Sylvia Lawson Newberry. I have two sons Ernest Ray Reed and Charles Austin Reed. I am looking for old friends and family I was also Ruth Reed, Ruth Fortune and Ruth Adams. Anyone who would like to contact me can e mail me at Would love to hear from old friends anyone from Cornett Hill grade school who remembers me. e mail me
ruth newberry <>
Ligonier Indiana, - Saturday, April 22, 2000

Hello, Class of '93! Just dropping a line. Any HHS football players from 92 team or fellow 93 grads let me know whats'up.
Tommy Statzer <>
Richmond, VA, - Saturday, April 22, 2000

Just got back from Hazard. It's as gorgeous as ever with redbuds and dogwoods in bloom. If any of the Hamiltons from Knott county read this drop me a line. Went to Lothair grade school until '66 and moved to Muncie Indiana. Thanks for such a great page to come to.
Tim Hamilton <>
Goshen, Ohio, - Friday, April 21, 2000

Hey everyone. I'm looking for someone named Michael Young. He's in the 8th grade at Carr Creek. If anyone has any info please e-mail me.
Ashley <>
Hazard, Ky - Thursday, April 20, 2000

Hello out there really enjoy this guestbook. My name is Frances Combs I was raised in Vicco and went to Dilce Combs High. Would to hear from old classmates. I love going back home.
Frances G. Combs <>
Ohio, - Thursday, April 20, 2000

Hello grapevine and former friends of Napier High. Hi Lisa, Verna, Melanie, Rachel, all cheerleaders and family. Miss ya. Get in touch with me at or Glad to see someone is still there holding up the mountains.
Sherrie Miller Deich <>
Borden, Indiana - Thursday, April 20, 2000

Looking for friends I knew in Hazard. The Brewer Family: Arnold and Pauling, daughter Brenda, sons Carter and James. Would love to find them, they used to live in Walkertown, apartment on top row. I went to M.C. Napier from 1966 to 1969 loved every minute of it.
Brenda Howard Mullins <>
Lexington, Ky, - Tuesday, April 18, 2000

LOUISVILLE, KY, USA - Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Enjoy visiting home from time to time. The site brings back many fond memories.
Phil Maggard <>
Lexington,Ky., - Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Hello Hazard. Anyone from the class of 82 @ H.H.S., I would be interested in hearing from you.
Kevin Pratt <>
Murfreesboro, TN - Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Hey everyone! I've been looking for an old friend from high school. His name is John Cornett and he graduated from HHS in 91. I would love to make contact with him. Hope someone can help me find him. Thanks
Jennifer <>
Hazard,KY, - Monday, April 17, 2000

I am from Richmond, IN and have a question about a movie I saw on HBO not too long ago, about the life of The Bowling's, (Bass and Iree were their names), and I was wonder how they are doing and if i could buy that movie directly?
Heather <>
Richmond, IN, USA - Sunday, April 16, 2000

Does anyone know what happened to David Whitaker? He was a graduate of MC Napier class of 1981 He was a very good friend I would like to get in touch with him.
V. G.
Sunday, April 16, 2000

Hey Lisa and Debbie! Was looking for anyone from the graduating class of 1983 and right off the bat I found you two. It's been a very long time. Although I wasn't one of the most popular students there, hope you do remember me. If not, open your yearbook... can't miss my great smile. Hope you are both well. Has there ever been a reunion for our graduating class? Have never heard anything. Anyways take care. Keep happy, hope to talk to u soon.
Gregory C. Barger <GCBARGER@AOL.COM>
Beech Grove, Ind. - Sunday, April 16, 2000

I enjoyed learning about Hazard. My mother, Phyllis Massey McCalister, was born in Hazard. My grandparents were Martin and Pearlie Massey. My grandfather was also a coal miner although I don't know at which mine co. If anyone knew either of them please write. Thanks
Kimberly Stuckey <>
Zachary, Louisiana, U.S. A. - Saturday, April 15, 2000

Hi my name is Wilma.. I lived at Grapevine and Sixteen. I have lived in Florida 14yrs. My mother is Nora Miller from Grapevine mud lick holler. I sure do miss those ky mountains, there is no place like home.
Wilma Feltner mattox <>
Homosassa, Florida - Saturday, April 15, 2000

Lived in Lothair until 1954. Attended HHS 1952-1954. Moved to Indiana with my parents, Walter & Alta Adkins. Had 2 brothers, Charlie and Bobby. This website brings back lots of memories. Still have a few relatives in Hazard but haven't been back for many years. Will continue to look for familiar names. It's been a long time.....
Virginia Adkins Amick <>
- Saturday, April 15, 2000

I have a friend (Mabel Sizemore Jett) who would like to locate two friends (who were sisters) who grew up with her in Hazard in the 1940s. She thinks the older sister, whose name was Beulah Mae Harvey, may be in the Dayton, OH, area, but probably has a different last name now. The younger sister was named Glotta Jewel Harvey. Mabel does not have a computer and is currently in the hospital. If anyone out there can supply any information at all about the Harvey girls, they can send it to me at and I will see that Mabel gets it. Thanks.
Billie Reda Sowers <>
Dayton, OH, Montgomery - Saturday, April 15, 2000

I've left a few messages in this Guest Book before. But since there seems to be so much traffic, I like to submit new ones every now and then just to freshen my presence, so to speak. At any rate, I'm a 20-year-old college student currently attending Hazard Community College as an English major (soon to pick up a History minor). As always, I'm willing to answer any questions any of you "outsiders" may have about the lay of the land, or what have you. It would be great to hear from anyone I went to elementary school with; I graduated from R.W. Combs in 1994. (I then graduated Perry Central High School in 1998.) Feel free to write, whatever your reason. I'm pretty accommodating that way. :-)
Jennifer Kennedy <>
Clear Creek, KY (Knott Co.), USA - Friday, April 14, 2000

Thank you everyone for submitting the wonderful photos and stories from yesteryear and today. I've heard so much from my relatives (momma's from Hazard, Ky) and to be able to look into the past is to realize what has brought me to where I am. I bring up the site at least 3 times a week, puulleeaassee!!! send more pictures and rich history, we are a international family.
Phillip Macon <>
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - Thursday, April 13, 2000

Really enjoyed this site to see where my dad was from but don't know anything about his family. If you do, could you contact me his name is Charles Harrison Canary Buchanan. he was born here but we never came to visit as I was growing up. I do have some sisters and a brother but they don't know anything either except that our dad was from Hazard. I don't even know his dad's name just know it had to be BUCHANAN so if you might know could you email me? IN SEARCH OF MY FAMILY. Thanks
Hazard, Kentucky - Thursday, April 13, 2000

Hello Hazard and Perry Co. again. Just wanted to say hello. Anyone who graduated from Napier in 1991 or anyone who recognizes me, drop me a line.
Rocksetta <>
Bowling Green, Ky, USA - Thursday, April 13, 2000

If anyone knows anything about Ronnie Duff, late 50's early 60's and has one girl and one boy and one from an outside relationship. Please contact me
James H <>
Covington, KY, - Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Love to see all the great pictures of Hazard were I was raised. Was a Howard from Second Creek. I Now live in Lexington, Ky. Thanks for the memories.
Brenda Howard Mullins <>
Lexington, Ky, - Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Hello everyone. I have been searching from my ancestry for awhile my grandmother and my grandfather live near Hazard at Bulan, Ky. My grandfather's name was Charles Combs he died in a coal mining accident in the Oct-Nov of 1937. I am trying to find any information on him where he is buried, etc.. but not having much luck. My grandmother's name was Belle Combs maiden name was Stidham. All I know about her was that they called her "Doebuck". I also had a great grandfather who they called Grandpa Sherman. I guess he was a preacher with the old handlebar mustache... and an Uncle Green. My father was born in Hazard Ky. 8-1-37. His name is Charles Donald Combs.. If anyone has any information regard these people please contact me at
Melissa Cambe formally Combs <>
Westville, In, US - Wednesday, April 12, 2000

Hi my name is Ruth Newberry I was born and raised in Christopher Kentucky. I went to school at Cornett Hill and attended Dilce Combs High School. I am looking for old school friends. My father's name was Raymond Newberry and my mother's name is Sylvia Lawson Newberry. Also, for any of my family that reads this message, I now reside in Ligonier Indiana. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. I miss Hazard; the mountains in full bloom are so beautiful. I had a great childhood, sneaking in the Cinema Drive-in..., we had no tv. We played games like hide-and-seek, baseball, we climbed the mountains, it was a much more simple life. We didn't have much but we had fun. I have three sisters and three brothers: Florence, Patricia, and Nancy and Frank, Danny and Tommy. In my heart Hazard will always be my home. If you would like to contact me, my email is I think you have a wonderful website and would love to hear from old friends. Thank you.
Ruth Newberry <>
Ligonier, Indiana - Wednesday, April 12, 2000

I am looking for Stephanie Ashworth Templeton of the Happy area. Her father is Junior Ashworth, and her grandmother was Maude Ashworth. Stephanie is a cousin of mine I use to see when I visited my grandmother Rebecca Godsey Combs. The last I knew she lived in Otisco, IN. Anyone knowing of her please let me know. Thanks, Lori
Lori Bronson <>
Rome, GA, USA - Tuesday, April 11, 2000

Hey Hazard what's up? I lived in Hazard all my life until I joined the Marine Corps in 1997. I would like to hear from any and all old friends. My mailing address is 441 West Peleliu DR, TT 1, Jacksonville, North Carolina 28543. I am doing fine and miss Hazard a lot but i love the Marine Corps and plan to retire God willing. If you see Jimmy Turner in Walkertown tell him I said hello. Well I have to go, good bye.
Camp LeJune, NC - Tuesday, April 11, 2000

I live in Lexington, Ky and work at University of Ky communications office. I have worked at UK for 20 yrs and hope to retire soon. I graduated from Hazard High School in 1960. I would love to hear from anyone from Hazard.
Barbara H. Combs (Lewis) <>
Lexington, Ky. - Tuesday, April 11, 2000

Hello Hazard! This is the third time I have visited this wonderful website. It makes me homesick for the mountains. My mother, sister, and brother still live in Bulan. I visit at least twice a year. I graduated from Hazard High in 1965. Would love to hear from Patti Cody, Donna Combs, Shawnee Dix and the rest of the gang. I see Peggy Gabbard Riggs every time I go home. I think of all my friends from high school. I have been teaching in Florida for almost 30 years!! My son is a UF graduate and a CPA with Price Waterhouse Coopers and my daughter attends college at SJRCC. Let's have a reunion. I saw Sandra Feltner last time I was home and Christine Sandlin once. I would like to hear from the Donahue Twins. I grew up in Walkertown and do remember the sleigh rides down the hills. E-mail me at Would love to hear from any of the bulldogs--where's Tommy Lykins, Bobby Marcum, and Doug Hensley. I hear Paul Feltner is a county commissioner! Do they know that he could dance like James Brown? That will get him elected again. Keep this website busy. Love to read the messages!
Donna Lawson Glenn <>
Middleburg, FL - Monday, April 10, 2000

Hey everyone! I am looking for any graduates from M.C. Napier High School from the class of 1983 my name was Lisa Baird then. Also searching for photos of Ajax coal camp and old Dudley school from the late 40's through the 50's.
lisa stamper <>
Hazard Ky, - Monday, April 10, 2000

Looking for Sondra Grigsby, 1983 graduate of MC Napier HS. Sondra......e-mail me. This is Debbie Brewer.
Deborah Adkins (Brewer) <>
New Bethlehem, PA, - Monday, April 10, 2000

I am Deborah (Brewer) Adkins. Graduated MC Napier in 1983, joined the Army and moved away. Lived in Germany, Texas, NC, PA, and elsewhere. Looking for friends. My parents are Gardner Brewer Jr. and Patricia (Newberry) Brewer. Would love to hear from any and all
Deborah Adkins <>
New Behtlehem, PA, us - Monday, April 10, 2000

My husband and I just found this site. His name is Sidney E. Combs and lived in Happy Ky. He's the son of Van B. Combs and Rebecca Godsey Combs. He knows Eurie Godsey and Gale and Garland Godsey. He went to school at Happy, Defiance, Vicco and Caney Creek Community Colege. Mr. Godsey, please contact us by e-mail if you read this letter. And anyone else who knows Sidney. He would like some news from home. Thanks.
Lorrie Combs <>
Battle Creek, MI - Sunday, April 09, 2000

Hello to all from Ohio, I am a 1983 grad from HHS and was just looking at this site, and thought that this is a great idea. I would love to hear from some of the fine folks in Hazard or that used to live in Hazard, please drop me an e-mail. take care!!!!!
Greg Chapman <>
West Chester, Ohio - Sunday, April 09, 2000

Enjoyed the web site very much; lived in Hazard from 1930 to 1951. Graduated from HHS in 1946. My parents operated the Reda Grocery on East Main until 1952. Keep up the good work!
Billie Reda Sowers <>
Dayton, OH - Sunday, April 09, 2000

Thank you. Kentucky remains home.
Kevin Katlic
Huntingdon, PA, - Sunday, April 09, 2000

Hey guys! Found out..the Millie Cornett that Arthur Cornett was talking about in his LOVE LETTERS is not the same one!  :O(  I thought I found me some family! Dang it! Well, My aunt Millie Cornett still lives in Sassasfras so if any of ya know her...gimme a buzz!
Winchester,ky, - Sunday, April 09, 2000

Faye <>
Ohio, Lorain - Sunday, April 09, 2000

What a great site to meet old friends and new ones too. I have looked through these pages and found several of my old friends. I would love to hear from any old classmates of Hazard High School that might know me. I played football for Hazard in 1969 and lived on Maple Street for about 23 years. If you know me please contact me at this address when you get the time.
Joe Johnson <>
Hazard, Ky - Sunday, April 09, 2000

MELBOURNE, AR - Sunday, April 09, 2000

I just read LOVE LETTERS and from what I read, I am sure that I know this "Arthur Cornett" (jr.) He said his mother was Millie Cornett, and unless there are 2 of her, I am related to this person. I am her great-niece. And if he reads this or anyone else related to her or that knows of her, I'm her Barky's daughter. Just so ya know...any family that I already don't know there in town...feel free to email me. I am sure my dad and I would love catchin' up with some of you!
Winchester,KY, - Saturday, April 08, 2000

Hey Hazard! How's everyone been? Just wanted to drop by and say hey to everyone...not that I know too many people there, just my family and my cousin's friends...I love ya guys! Lindsay Caudill (my cousin) has broadened my horizons by taking me to Hazard with her and letting me hang with her friends whom I have grown to LOVE! My family, the Breedings, some Ashbrooks, and a couple of other names around there....I miss ya guys! I don't get around to seeing ya as often as I should. I live in Winchester, KY now...what a place right? Well email me sometime ya guys if ya know me!
Tara Breeding <>
Winchester, KY, - Saturday, April 08, 2000

Martha <>
Commiskey, IN - Saturday, April 08, 2000

This is a great web site. My husband and I enjoy it very much. I was born in Chavies, KY 1934 to Kelly & Maggie Tharp Stidham. My dad was a coal miner. He worked for Buchannan Coal Co. at Indianhead, Ky and then for Harveyton Coal Co. I left there when I was 19 years old and married Seldon Hoskins who use to work in the Harvey store. We lived in Cincinnati, Ohio for 8 years and now live in northern Ky. We had 2 daughters and we are now retired. We have lived here for 39 years. Anyone remember us please e-mail. We would enjoy hearing from old friends. Thanks
Wanda Stidham Hoskins <>
California,Ky., usa - Saturday, April 08, 2000

Would like to hear from anyone who graduated from M.C. Napier in 1960.
Judy (Spurgeon) Moore <>
Hamilton, Ohio, USA - Saturday, April 08, 2000

I am from West Virginia. I love looking thru the web site. Does anybody out there know or have heard of a Todd Hurt? He was supposed to have went to M.C. Napier High School. If anyone knows how to contact him please e-mail me thanks alot.
Lois <>
WVv., usa - Saturday, April 08, 2000

Where is Elaine Jeffers??? uk grad 1975?? chiropractor. friend of Breasere's.
sonja <>
Kansas City, MO - Friday, April 07, 2000

Just finished reading web site again. Brings back lots of memories. Is there anyone out there from Tribbey or does anyone remember the Nidiffers? Went to M.C. Napier graduated in '55. Met some long lost friends through this web site. Oh what it has meant to me to renew old acquaintances.
Regina Nemeth
Dayton Ohio - Friday, April 07, 2000

Does anyone know where Denise Johnson, HHS class of '89 is now? She was from Whitesburg but moved to Hazard her senior year. She graduated from Berea College later on and I bet she moved from Kentucky, like me. I enjoy reading about Hazard, my old home, for just three years. NOTE my address is correct on this post!
Jerry V. <>
- Friday, April 07, 2000

I am interested in buying a electric steel guitar. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know. Thanks, Jerry.
Jerry Williams <crawdabberaol,com>
Bonnyman, Ky - Friday, April 07, 2000

I was told that someone was looking for Dennis and Omia Wooton. I am their grandson I will try to help you with what you need just send me an email if I can't help you I am sure that my father can. I will be glad to help you
Brandon Wooton <>
Hazard, DUH!!!! - Thursday, April 06, 2000

I want to take this time to give a great big thank you to LeeAnn Helton who helped me locate an old friend of mine. I appreciate your help and it's nice to know there are such good hearted people out there. Thanks again Mrs. Helton!!!
Lisa Hall Coney <>
Battle Creek, Michigan - Thursday, April 06, 2000

I was born in Glomawr 1938, attended Leatherwood HS for two years, and Dilce Combs my junior & senior years, played basketball for both schools. Great Site.
Johnny Strong <>
Provincetown, MA - Wednesday, April 05, 2000

Several old friends who graduated from Hazard High in the 50's are trying to find others. We would like to find information on Bill "Snake" Church, who lived in the Hardburly area. He was a great friend, a member of Hazard Hi band and we would like to know or talk with anyone that knows Snake or his whereabouts. Thanks, Ida Lee and Joann
Ida Lee Hansel <>
Spartanburg, SC - Wednesday, April 05, 2000

Looking for family from Breathitt County names are Barnett and Mullins
Ollie Wagner <>
Versailles, Indiana - Wednesday, April 05, 2000

Hello Hazard Kentucky , I have signed this Wonderful guest book before.. Just wanted to say Hello to my much missed family in Ary and Rowdy Ky. My Mom and Dad at Rowdy is Carl and Dema Jones. My Sisters Janave Campbell and her Husband Verd. My Sister Lucille Fugate, My Brothers Louie, Kelly and Bernise Jones ..I miss you all.. Also Want to say hello to my Husbands Family Nick and Leona Combs at Dwarf Ky .. My name is Thelma Emery better known as TeeJay and My Hubbys name is Sammy. If anyone remembers me and would like to e-mail me feel free to do so.. I was born and raised at Williams Branch in Ary Ky near the Homeplace Clinic.. It was fun growing up there.. I have a lot of fun memories. I went to Grade School at Robinson and Went to MC Napier High. Ky keep up the Good Work on this Web Site it is fun reading it and it brings me back home.. God Bless everyone that reads this...
Thelma Emery (Jones) TeeJay <Landslot@Aol.Com>
Huron Ohio, USA - Tuesday, April 04, 2000

Hello Hazard, I just found your website and really enjoy it. I was born and raised at Ary my mother is Arminda Hays. My father Clabe Stacy was killed in the coal mines in 1964. They have 16 children, and all but 4 of us still live in Perry or Knott county. I married John Anthony Smith, son of J.D.Smitty Smith and Elizabeth Smith. My husband graduated from M.C.Napier in 1966 and I graduated from Hindman High School the same year. We have two great children Paul and Valerie and we also have two wonderful grandchildren Brittany and T.J. We moved to Somerset last year and would love to hear from anyone who went to school with either of us. John and Wanda Smith
Wanda Faye Stacy Smith <>
Somerset, Ky - Tuesday, April 04, 2000

It was very refreshing to see "home" again on this site. I moved to Lexington approximately nine years ago and have not made it back. I am now married to Mark Sinex and we have made "our" home in Lexington (working on baby no. 1). I always heard you can take the girl out of the mountains, but you can't take the mountains out of the girl. It's true.
Tammy Cornett Sinex <>
Lexington, KY - Monday, April 03, 2000

Hi Hazard. I lived there until 1990. I was in the 6th grade. I am now married and have a 9 month old baby girl. I'm looking for people I went to grade school with. I went to big creek elem. I now live in Somerset.
Heather (Lewis) Huber <>
Somerset, KY, U.S. - Monday, April 03, 2000

Does anyone know where Denise Johnson, HHS class of '89 is now? She graduated from Berea College later on and I bet she moved from Kentucky, like me. I enjoy reading about Hazard, my old home
Jerry V. <>
Kansas City, MO - Monday, April 03, 2000

Just found the web site and enjoyed looking at the older pictures. I graduated from M.C. Napier in 1989. I married Elisha Spurgeon Jr. also in 1989 we are still married and have two son's their names are Aaron who is 9 and Beau who is 6 1\2. We left Hazard shortly after we were married. I have many friends who I have lost contact with over the years if you know me or my husband I would like for you to contact me.
SOMERSET KY  - Monday, April 03, 2000

Hello from Ohio. I was born at Indianhead, Ky near Hazard. My grandmother was Nancy Williams and was a midwife who delivered me and 4 of my 6 siblings. It would be interesting to hear from others who were also delivered by her as she traveled all over Perry County. I started school way back when at Tom's Branch School which was a one room school house on Troublesome Creek. Anyone out there with a picture of it? I also went to Robinson School 5th through 8th gr., and MC Napier HS which was named for my cousin Mitchell C. Napier. My dad was Jerry Williams and my Mother is Ola Faye (Napier) Kline. We moved to Ohio in 1963. I would have been a graduate of Napier in 1966, had we stayed there. My Dad died on Sept. 29, 1999. While we were there for his funeral, I heard about this website, and have very much enjoyed visiting it since. Keep up the good work!!
Jacqueline (Williams) Smith <>
Greenford. Ohio, usa - Sunday, April 02, 2000

My mother's family is from Hazard.....The Baker family. My maternal grandparents are Thomas Baker and Rose Baker. I had several uncles who ran business in Hazard in the 1940s. My uncle JD Baker ran nightclubs for whites - The Wheel and for Negroes - The Hub. My grandparents owned the hotel shown in the flood picture of 1927, but it was in the 1940s and was under another name then. If anyone out there knew my mother Rosalie Baker or her sister Maureen Baker or brothers JD and Kenneth Baker please contact me. My mother is always looking for more family history to add in her book she has been writing. She would love to hear from you. Thanks
Paula Shearer Griffin <Pgriffi7>
Orlando FL, Orange - Sunday, April 02, 2000

I am looking for a former childhood friend of mine from a long time ago. Her name was Angela Michelle Couch. I understand that my sister vicki has heard from angie's mother (Mattie i think). ... and i hope that someone can give me some info on her or know anything about her. We were best friends in grade school at A.B. Combs......we had the same teachers and competed as kids. (she was always just a little bit better at everything then i was !)I moved to Michigan after the fourth grade and we kept in touch for a little while....but have lost touch over the years. If anyone remembers me or knows of her ....please email me and let me know. I think of her often and am curious to see how her life turned out.
Lisa CarolConey (formerly Hall) <>
Battle Creek, Michigan, USA - Sunday, April 02, 2000

What's up everyone? Amy, Dylan (9our new little boy) and I just wanted to say hello. We are really happy living in Lexington but miss everyone at home, see ya.
P.C. Canpbell <>
Lexington, Ky. - Sunday, April 02, 2000

Hi, I have been looking through this web site for a few weeks now. I used to visit Hazard every summer with my parents. Almost all my family is from there. My Mom is Rose Young (Harvey). My Dad is Cecil Young. They were both born in the Hazard area. The mountains there are beautiful! I have wonderful memories of visiting my Grandparents there. My Mom's parents were Stella and Ira Harvey. My Dad's parents were Frank and Molta Young. My Grandpa Young died when I was very young,so I don't remember him. My Grandma Harvey would cook the best meals when we visited. She was so special to me. Some days when the weather is just right, it's early morning, the birds are singing, the dew is on the grass, and I smell the sweet smell of bacon, my Grandma Harvey comes to mind. I know I have relatives in Hazard. It is such a shame to lose touch with all of them. I would love to hear from some of them. I would love to know more history about my family there.This site is great. Thanks to all the people who put so much into it.
Debbie Maxwell (Young) <>
Pensacola,FL, USA - Sunday, April 02, 2000

Hello class of '93! Go Bulldogs! Just wanted to let everyone know that I am a high tech redneck like the rest of you folks. If anyone would like to chat, give me a yell.
Jonathan Salley <>
Lexington, KY, - Saturday, April 01, 2000

Hello Hazard. Me and Andria both graduated from Hazard in 1989 and now have 2 beautiful little boys. They are 5 and 7. Would like to hear from someone
alvin harris <ALVINH3@YAHOO.COM>
NICHOLASVILLE, KY - Saturday, April 01, 2000

Looking for my granddaughters family. The Beatty's, last know living in Hazard and Walkertown area. There were several children, some of which were Anna Ruth, Rick, Jerry, and several more, names I can't remember. If you know the where abouts of any of them please contact me.
Wilma <>
Muncie, IN - Saturday, April 01, 2000

Hello to Virginia McIntosh from Rowdy and how are you?
OH, USA - Saturday, April 01, 2000


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