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The Hazard Herald, May 18, 1916

Buzz Wagons For Hazard

Three autos in one week -- that is the good beginning that Hazard made last week.  Mr. J. P. Warren started the game by dealing himself a handsome Ford from the top of the deck. Mr. H. E. Bullock stood pat and called for one card -- another Ford.  Mr. D. W. Fulp came in for a show-down, with the result that his machine was forwarded from his home in West Virginia, making a grand total of three buzz wagons in one week.  It is whispered that the game is becoming so interesting that others will "sit-in", and soon it may be that our streets will be as full of autos as they are at present with stray cows and hogs.

The above-named gentlemen are easily the most popular and envied people in town.

Soon it may be that our streets will be as full of autos as they are at present with stray cows and hogs.
Friends of the trio are being treated to joy rides. As yet we have not had the pleasure but we are expecting an invitation most any time. The advent of these wagons, that operate according to the Chinaman's description to a friend in China, "No pushee, no pullee, be we go like helle alle samee," will be a great help in the good roads movement. At present there is not a decent automobile road in the county, but when enough of our wealthy plutocrats get the bug they will begin to howl for good roads -- then watch the dirt fly!

Mr. J. P. Warren is agent for the Ford.