Cousins and Kin: One Family's Photo Album
Viewer Eva Mae McCleland shares some photos and memories of her family


Fallon, Faye and Jerry (female) Campbell are cousins. Fallon and Faye Campbell They are children of Ora and Troy Campbell.  Troy was my mother's brother. (Mother is Ella Campbell - daughter of Woolery and Gemima Campbell of Campbell Bend near Napfor and Dunraven). They lived with their grandfather, M. C. Napier (the one the high school is named after) across the street from us in Hazard. 

I have many fond memories of playing in their front yard.  They had wonderful big old trees that we used to climb.  They also had some cousins that lived up a little street close to us -  Bill and Paula Napier.  Bill was my age.

The Napiers let us use their chicken house for a club house if we'd paint it. They even furnished the paint. We worked and worked.  Of course, after our not-so-professional job was done, we lost interest.  I remember the Napier's had a stereoscopic viewer - I think it was wooden.  You put the pictures way down at the end of it and looked through some eye pieces sort of like binoculars.  That let you see the picture in 3-D.

I can also remember the ice man carrying big chunks of ice up to their house. This must have been around 1945 or 1946.  My aunt Ethel (Tolbert Holliday's wife) had one of the first (if not the first) refrigerators in Hazard.

Fallon Campbell, Dwight Nidiffe and Bobby Gibbs The picture at left has Fallon Campbell (middle man), Dwight Nidiffe from Tribby, and Bobby Gibbs from Lothair.  The picture at the top is of Fallon and Faye.  

Dunraven, Perry County, Kentucky - circa 1942. James and Polly Campbell James Gardner Campbell (changed first name from Jarrett - said he never could remember how to spell it.  He was joking - I think) son of Judge Jarrett Gardner and Polly Campbell.  Ella Campbell, daughter of Woolery and Gemima (Deaton) Campbell of Campbell Bend.  The wee one is me, Eva Mae.  Note L & N Railroad tracks on other side of fence.  Picture was taken in front of Judge Campbell home.

Polly CampbellPolly Campbell: Second wife to Judge J. G. Campbell. I think this picture was taken outside their house in Dunraven, Perry County.  It was circa 1930s.  She sure was a pretty woman.  The picture of my grandfather (her husband) is not in my album so if any of you have a copy similar to this, please send it to me.  I will be happy to pay the fees for having a copy made or better yet, having a negative made.


Eva Mae and Uncle Jphn Y.More Dunraven pictures: This picture of Uncle John Yerkees Campbell and me was taken on the steps leading up to the house. Uncle John Y was my hero. He was born in 1900 and appointed to Annapolis circa 1917. It's in the Hazard Herald records. He was also booted out because of his views on Teddy least I think that's why. It is not a good thing to call your commander-in-chief a "demigod" and a few other choice names. Uncle John Y  is a family mystery. He disappeared in the mid 1940s and no one had heard from him again.

That's all, folks.  Will write more soon.


The picture seen below tied both sides of my family together for me. My cousin Earl and his wife Betty live in Alabama. Earl is the son of Gypsie and Oscar Campbell, grandson of Gemima and Woolery Campbell of Campbell Bend. Gypsie is my mother, Ella's sister. Earl and Betty have been wonderful about sharing family pictures which I can then share with you. Earl sent this picture taken in 1990 with the notation that this is where he used to go to the movies in Krypton.

Now for the rest of the story. My grandfather, Judge J. G. Campbell, had two families. He was married and his first wife died. He then married my Grandmother. I have only recently gotten to know his "first" family. I have also gained two wonderful cousins, Susan Ogans and Darrel Campbell. Darrel and I were born two months apart in Dunraven, Kentucky. Mother said that Darrel was the cutest fattest baby she ever saw. I know he's going to love hearing that!

After I sent this picture to Darrel, he wrote back the following:

"The picture of the building in Krypton brought back old memories. That was my school bus stop for the four years that I went to Buckhorn High School. The building was owned by Carl Candrum, who lived 2 doors away. They had sons (in order), Ivan, Ernest, Marcus Arlis, Bobby and Larry.  I knew all of them through high school years, so lots of old memories attached.

The "movie theater" was in the near side of the building. I helped run the projector occasionally, and saw my first movie there, including lots of old westerns with Hopalong Cassidy, Lash Larue and Gene Autry. Even one "X rated" film whose title I don't remember, but would be tame for 7 p.m. showing now on TV. The other side of the building had a small store also run by the Landrums, and the lower floor had a small restaurant, run by them as well. Down a very steep hill and across the creek (Campbell's Creek, of course) was a baseball field, one of the few places around level enough to play. And turkey shoots were occasionally held, using real birds, shooting from the store across to a hill a couple of hundred yards away.

So, the photo sure reminded me of a lot, so thanks for sharing."

Hope you enjoy this. I have loved sharing it.

Cousin Eva Mae

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