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Early Area Physician:  F. C. Roark MD   

Dr. F. C. RoarkMy Great Grandfather, Dr  F. C. Roark, practiced medicine in the Carrs Fork section and started the practice of medicine in Knott  County.  Practically every pioneer family in Eastern Kentucky received medical treatment from Dr Roark.  He moved to Vicco in Perry County where he lived until his death at 91 years old (1853-1937).

The day of his death he saw 10 patients while lying flat on his back in bed.  A true and caring doctor until the end.  

This picture was made circa 1935.  He had a twin brother named Willard Lee Roark, an Attorney at Law.  Dr Roark's wife, Polly Madden Roark, was also a doctor.  They practiced medicine anywhere it was needed.  Dr Roark was at one time considered the most reliable doctor in the mountains for the treatment of typhoid fever.  His obituary appeared in the Hazard Plain Dealer, Dec. 30, 1937 on the front page.


Photo submitted by The Hensleys





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