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Hazard Time Line: 1921

January 6th 1921...Murder in the Radio building. Mary Mcintosh shoots John Sexton on the 3rd floor of what was then the Beamont Hotel.

February 27th 1921...A shootout on Main street in Hazard left one man dead and a Perry County Sheriff wounded. The shooting happened before a large crowd in front of Sterling Hardware. The front plate glass window of the business was shattered during the shooting.

May 7th 1921...The Hazard Laundry Company opens behind what we now know as the Hazard Sandwich Shop on Main Street (formally Rexall Drug).

the_kid.gif (34814 bytes)June 6th 1921..."The Kid" with Charlie Chaplin opens at the Perry Theatre.

July 4th 1921...Perry County celebrates it's Centennial with a parade on Main Street Hazard.

In 1921...Businessman C.F. Brock opens Hazard's first five and ten cent store: Newberrys.

October 15th 1921...The Kentucky National Guard puts on an exhibition for a crowd at the old ball park at Big Bottom in Hazard. It's what we today know as East Main Street. On lookers watch as four machine guns are fired.

The 1921 Hazard Basketball team includes Roy Eversole, Buster Eversole, Carl Eversole, Lawrence Walker, Percy Turner, J. Fitzpatrick, Shelby Hurst.

Hazard's Basketball Coach was G.G. Starr.

“So far no visible effort has been made to check these pistol toting deputies in their orgy of crime.  As one Hazard man said, ‘The law abiding people of Perry County, and there are legions of them, are willing to back up officials in the discharge of their duties, but they are not in favor of arming a bunch of West Virginia thugs for the purpose of beating up and killing men and women who are peaceable, attending to their business.'” 
October 21st 1921