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Additional Pictures from the Flood of 1957

57fld1.jpg (13899 bytes) Gulf Service station on Main. Old railroad bridge on the right
57fld2.jpg (9835 bytes) Hazard Coca Cola Bottling Plant. (Where McDonalds now stands)
57fld3.jpg (14610 bytes) Central Service Station on right (Shell sign) now a liquor store, Muncy's on left (Standard sign) now Chevron
57fld4.jpg (15028 bytes) Family Theatre on right.  Moments after this picture was taken, the water began to cover the sidewalk on the right
57fld5.jpg (17383 bytes) Looking down a small alley in front of the Methodist church on High street, down to Main. Kentucky Power building on the left.   Taulbee's used cars on right (now, Perkins Tower).  You can see a portion of the building now occupied by Jil Office on Main.
57fld6.jpg (30083 bytes)
A low spot in town. The water is approximately six feet deep in some points at this time.
57fld7.jpg (32095 bytes)
Begley Drug (now Huff Drug).   The water completely submerged the Begley sign
57fld8.jpg (22321 bytes)
Intersection of Main, High and Memorial drive.  (Note the Standard Oil sign at Muncys - later changed to Chevron).   The river reached the top of the first row of windows on the building on the right.   This is the spot where one person drowned.
57fld9.jpg (28240 bytes)
Building on the left is the Hazard City Jail and Fire Department.  Notice the used car sign sticking out of the water in the center of the picture.  This sign saved Mrs. Pearl Bobbitt's life.   She hung onto it until she was rescued. You can see Home Lumber Company across the swollen river. 
57fld10.jpg (52034 bytes)
This after-the-flood cleanup photo is interesting because you can see the Ideal Furniture Company (later Home Office Supply).  On the far right - you can see the corner of Newberrys, and of course Sterling Hardware on the left.

Courtesy: Bobby Davis Park and Museum (606) 439-4325