Chavies, Kentucky 1940
Chavies, KY Perry Co. 1940

The church is Old Regular Baptist . It has burned and rebuilt twice. The third church still stands. It is beside the Gross property at the corner of Deaton Loop which was named for Matt Deaton, father of former county court clerk Earl M. Deaton. The circular bare spot on the hill was called "the slate dump" I don't know why. The wooden house left of the dump was owned by the Hurts: former post master Annamae Johnson's parents when I was a child.

The small rectangular house was owned by Ira and Oda Mae Baker. the house the square one was owned by Ellen Watts Miller Yates. I was born and raised on the property where the corn crib is. To the right, just above the coal gondola on the hill, was the Matt Deaton House. His great-grandson Mike Smith now lives on that property. By the way my brother Mark Bailey inherited the property site and razed the old house and has a new one there.

Near the right corner of the church, the house with one window showing and a small porch, was owned by Carl and Ethel Baker when I was young. The long building with the windows is the first Chavies grade school. I remember at a very young age stepping up those steps and wanting to stay. I think my brother went to Primer there. I remember a huge potbelly stove . I attended Chavies Grade school on top of the hill. It still stands and is owned by the Appapachian Service Project. The new Chavies School is built on what was Don Duff's property. The roof line beside the smaller barn is owned by Ben and Nancy Fugate. The big barn was mostly tin. A family lived there when I was a child. I think that the smaller barn belonged to Ira Duff.

As one approaches the R.R. track this shot is looking to the right. When you drive through just look at the church, the small white one, and things go into perspective. The scene looks as if they are laying another track, also looks like some logging going on. There is a volleyball court where the bigger barn was. At the extreme right at the timber line Joan Whitaker King and her husband Haven have a house.

Linda Bailey Dunn
Bonnyman, KY