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Perry County Court Houses

  The first Perry County courthouse may have been built as early as 1823. Most likely this courthouse was a log structure.  In March 1836, the court appointed A. F. Caldwell and Elijah Combs to determine needed repairs to the building.   They reported the county needed a new courthouse.

     The county's second courthouse was built in 1836.  Elijah Combs, Jesse Combs, and A.F. Caldwell presented the plan for the new courthouse at the November 1836 meeting of the court.  The plans called for a single-story, brick building measuring 48 x 24 feet. George Martin was low bidder to construct the courthouse at a cost of $2,200.  

     The third Perry County Court House was built in 1866.  The courthouse was a two-story, frame structure.  Harve Henly was the builder.  He used the brick from the old courthouse for the chimneys of the new building.  Fire consumed this building sometime between 1885 and 1890.   The court ordered a building similar to the Lee County courthouse of 1871 for the fourth Perry County courthouse.  Accordingly this courthouse would have been a two-story, brick building.  Colonel L.H.N. Salyers was the contractor.  This courthouse burned in 1911.  

     An elaborate Colonial Revival style building designed in 1911-12 by B.F. Smith, architect of Washington, D.C., was the fifth Perry County courthouse.  In 1934-38 an addition was added to the rear of the building under a grant provided by the Public Works Administration of the New Deal.  

     The sixth and present Perry County courthouse was built in 1964-65.  The courthouse is a modern three-story building of classical design being fronted by a recessed Doric order portico.  H.A. Spaulding was the architect of the building.  The contract for construction was awarded to W.D. Johnson of Ashland on June 22, 1964. The cornerstone was laid on September 23, 1965 and dedicated on September 17, 1966.  The courthouse cost $910,000 of which the Federal Government provided $575,267.


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