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The Hazard Herald, 1929

Receipts Taken in By Hazard PostOffice Total About $30,000 a Year

5,000 Letters Mailed Daily
by C. M. Gilmore
With most of us it is a daily custom to casually drop into the Hazard post office some two or three times a day, peer into our boxes and if rewarded by the site of an envelope, to open them, or if not, to walk away. But whether we receive any mail or not little thought is given to the array of facts that go to make a post office one of the most interesting of institutions.

According to receipts the Hazard post office is the largest in southeastern Kentucky, its receipts totaling approximately $30,000 a year. Around 75,000 stamps of all descriptions are sold each month and 120,000 stamped envelopes are sold each year. More that 5,000 parcels are received and delivered each month and approximately 5,000 letters are mailed each day. Of these, some 200 are sent to the dead letter office in at Washington. Letters returned to their writers number some 1500 monthly.

The parcel post department, perhaps, comes in contact with greater variety of things than any other department. Last spring 25,000 baby chicks arrived in Hazard by parcel post and according to Ed Lovern, baby alligators are received all too frequently.

During the past eight years business at the post office has grown considerably. Receipts for 1921 were $15,000 or just half the present receipts. Three hundred boxes were rented at that time as compared with the more than 700 rented now. The staff has expanded from three in 1921 to 12 at the present time. Clerks are on duty from 5:30 o'clock in the morning to 11:00 o'clock at night. Over 10,000 people are served from the post office and mail and parcel delivery is effective on all improved streets.

A branch post office is maintained by contract at Walkertown Station. It serves some 500 people there.

Interesting to recall are some of the postmasters of over a period of 20 years. Among them were: Felix Begley, "Uncle" John Baker, Jim Fitzpatrick, Robin Baker and Rebel Martin. Of this group, two are dead, "Uncle" John Baker and Robin Baker.

The present personnel of the post office consists of Dewey Daniel, postmaster; E. B. Lovern, assistant postmaster; Charles Nicholson, general delivery clerk; Mrs. A. K. Tatum, money order clerk; Ed Lovern, parcel post clerk; John Henry Hellmers, Goodloe Combs and Jonah Daniel, mailing division; Frank Baker, carrier; Emery Campbell, mail master; J. B. Gabbard, in charge of Walkertown Station.

Mr. Daniel has been our postmaster since September 1921.