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"Living so far away... it is very comforting to read, see and learn more of my home, both past and present. Visiting this site …makes me yearn even more for my Old Kentucky Home. I hear the mountains whispering when I browse your site."
Bob Trent, Atlanta, GA

''I am a first time user of the web and enjoyed how easy it was to view the pictures I wanted to''
A lbert Young, Winchester, KY

''I found this site by accident and it's the only good accident I have ever had.''
Mel Hurt, Buchanan, Michigan

''I guess in this modern age, you really can go home and through these photos walk the streets of yesterday.''
Bob Combs, London, KY

''Thanks...for the chance to peek back into history and recapture, if only momentarily, that feeling of warmth stirred up in me of my memories of Hazard."
Douglas Odom, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

''I often hear my dad re-live his childhood days in Hazard and now I can put the pictures on this site with his stories.''
Cathy Cobb Hammonds, Hazard, KY

''This site...provides the ones of us who have moved away a little piece of home.''
Kevin Dunn, Lexington, KY

''Just seeing Hazard Kentucky gives me a warm feeling inside.  You can take the boy outta the country but You can't take the country outta the boy.''
Rick Harvey, Cincinnati, Ohio

''It's fascinating to see the past alive on my computer screen.''
Paul Fugate, Albion, Michigan

''I am a serious Andy Griffith show fan, but nothing can compare to growing up in Hazard.''
Suzy Vittitow, Elizabethtown, KY

''Thanks for the memories!''
Sam Ward, Memphis, TN

''As a citizen of Hazard, I was very excited to find that even ''we'' had our own website on the internet. It now appears as if we are moving up in the world.''
Susan M. Feltner, Hazard KY

''Looking at all the old pictures, I feel like I've traveled back to my parents, and grandparents time. How wonderful to see the places where my family grew up!''
Laurie Fouts Rieman, Charlottesville, VA

''For two days I have been sitting here reading the letters from all the people that have been born here and left and gone all over the world.''
David Dixon, Viper, KY

''I think this is a great web site and a good way to keep in touch with people around the country from Perry county. Keep up the good work!''
James Leveridge , Marietta, Georgia

''Many thanks to you all for helping me meet my new best friend!! We're two briars in the berry patch!''
Carla Brashear-Whitehead, Louisiana, USA

''I love this site! I am currently doing research on my family tree and came upon this wonderful place.''
Penny O. Newbrough, Columbus, Ohio

''Thanks for your wonderful, innovative site on Hazard and Perry County. I visited Hazard this summer for the first time and found the area to be more beautiful and interesting than I had imagined.''
Bob Huskey, Charlottesville, Virginia

''Was turned onto this site by my Dad and have been hooked ever since. On these web pages rests the history of Hazard and Perry Co. and a rich history it is. A great place to browse and catch up, also catch a breather.''
Bobby Danner, Hazard, KY

It was a wonderful and nostalgic experience for me to visit this website for the first time today. Seven great years of my childhood were spent in Hazard, during 1936 - 1943. The photos from the 30's and 40's brought back so many great memories.
William E. Dance , Dallas, TX

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