Girls' Reserve Club
A junior organization of the State Y.W.C.A
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"We are the Future, for in us there lies
What through the Ages our land shall be."


Until the beginning of the year '24, there was no organization
for girls although we have long felt the need of such an

In early fall along with the renewing of old Clubs, came the
beginning of a new one, the Girls' Reserve, which is hoped will
become one of the strongest in High School. The officers were
elected and real work began at once. With the purpose, " To find
and give the best," and the slogan " To face life squarely." great
things have been accomplished.

The Club joined the State Wide Bible Study Contest with great
interest. Thus far the Hazard girls stand first in their group for
attendance. It is too early as yet to say that a banner or cup
will be won. But it can at least be said there are great hopes
and prospects.

A Mother and Daughter tea will be given in the near future which
will provide a closer relationship between the girls of the Club
and Mothers.

Although this is the Club's first year, it may be said that things
of great worth have been accomplished. May it grow even stronger
and better.

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